Primary Source Assignment

  1) The Leading Source Assignment includes a set of three leading muniments relating to the time-period mature in Unit 1. Using all three of the muniments granted in the set, transcribe an essay established on the guidelines adown. NOTE: Read all of muniment 1 and all of muniment 3. Muniment 2 is 20 pages crave, but you singly scarcity to rendezvous on pages 5-10, chiefly the highlighted portions. Here is a youtube integrate to maker Mark Ruffalo performing the highlighted portions of the oration in muniment 2: 2) For the gladdend of your brochure: In muniment 1, how does Woodrow Wilson defend his subsistence for American involvement in World War I? In muniment 2, how does Eugene V. Debs defend his obstacle to World War I? What elements of the metaphor aloft fiction the ideas presented in muniments 1 and 2? How do you opine metaphorry enjoy this unsupposable American perceptions about Germans and World War I? Based on the textbook and the disquisition notes, as courteous as the muniments and the metaphor, interpret why the United States nevertheless intervened in World War I. Note: you DO NOT scarcity to repartee the questions at the end of muniment 3. 3) Writing Requirements: Each PSA must be more than 550 suffrage in tediousness. Straightforward quotes do not estimate inside the insist-upond message estimate. 4) Elimination and Citations: This assignment does not insist-upon any without elimination and can be completed using the muniments, the textbook, and the videos. In the predicament of these sources, singly straightforward quotes scarcity to be mentiond, requiring singly the author’s ultimate call in parentheses. Without sources (books, websites, etc.) may so be used, but in this predicament all counsel must be mentiond and must be listed in a works mentiond (or bibliography) at the end of the essay. For your citations, gladden use  MLA. You succeed suggest your brochure through plagiarism checking software, so be unquestioning to mention any and all straightforward quotes