Program capstone

You entertain fair been promoted from front-line director to be one of the firm's superior overseers. During your concern command, you well-informed that the principal role of a overseer is to fashion good-natured-natured-natured-natured firmnesss. As a director, you had constantly been making tenor firmnesss, but you gain that firmness making for the overall fraternity can and accomplish entertain far superior impression on the fraternity and its employees. Your boss, the first magistrate director (CEO), gains that you do not entertain greatly performance in this remarkable roll, firmness-making arrangement and has asked you to transcribe a memo describing your agreement of how to fashion dignified firmnesss. Your memo should oration the subjoined questions: Describe at smallest 3 criteria that would mention whether the overseer is making good-natured-natured-natured-natured firmnesss. What should be done to ameliorate uphold that you are making a good-natured-natured-natured-natured firmness?    In the province of firmness making, what are boldnesss? Rather than use a wordbook limitation, mention sundry unfair boldnesss that would go after a while any real-life firmness you entertain made or entertain seen made at a fraternity at which you entertain worked.    Given the consequence of own boldnesss, your boss asked you to assess the faultlessness of regular concern boldnesss and what could you do to touchstone or ratify the truthfulness of them. The subjoined were superior boldnesss for each firm:    An automobile manufacturer's boldness that the call-for for SUVs would hold consequently gas prices would hold to mount    An airline's boldness that there was a insufficiency for an airline that supposing no adventitious amenities Please refer your assignment.