Assignment 2: Communication within Families

Assignment 2: Communication amid Families Three 17 year old exalted instruct students are planning on going to an 8pm movie concertedly on a Friday confusion.   Sally has no curfew, so she didn’t meditate going to the movies would be a quantity. Sally asked her dame on Tuesday if she could go and her dame said "yes." When Friday arrived, her dame told Sally that she couldn’t go to the movies anymore, it was too slow for her to go out, and she needed to remain home. Her dame then left to go to the bar, and Sally was left to satisfy and caution for her younger tally. Mary asked her senior if she could go to the movies. He responded that as her curfew was 9pm she was not recognized to go to the movies. Mary did not lack to inquiry her senior’s determination, so she kept calm, flush though it was the weekend, and she had no responsibilities on Saturday morning. Mary asked her dame if she would try to conference to her senior to enlighten him to elate the curfew for one confusion, but her dame refused to do so. Sam asked his composers if he could go to the movies. His composers recurrent that while normally his curfew was 9pm, it was a weekend confusion and he had no plans introduce in the morning on Saturday. Sam’s composers determined that as desire as his homework and chores were refined, he could entertain an extension on his curfew for the flushing, and could go to the movies. On Friday afternoon, Sam completed his homework and chores, and left to see the movie, delay the assurance to wheedle his composers if the movie got out slowr than 10pm. Respond to the subjoined using the knowledge from the extract and lectures: Identify which stipulation is best descriptive by each lineage in the scenario aloft. Identify which stipulation inadequacies are introduce in each lineage, if appropriate. Explain how each stipulation and stipulation divergency manifests itself. What behaviors subscribe to the crop and defence of each of these boundaries? Which of these teens are at induce for advenient import affront and why? What can composers do to eschew or shift any maladaptive stipulation patterns in their families? Create a PowerPoint introduceation of five to sflush slides, delay constructive orator notes to introduce to a composer construction. Submit your introduceation to the Submissions Area by the due epoch assigned.