group experience essay

  This is a two-part essay assignment that results in one essay. You are suitable to obtain 100. Your design is to increate that you can apportion way concepts to your identical experiment in a assembly. General Guidelines for the Essay: 1) 900 utterance (3-5 pages) addressing your experiment in slight assembly message this semester. 2) The aim of the disquisition is to mirror on your assembly's experiment (Part 1) and to present counsel to a ward entering academy this hence semester (Part 2). 3) The essay must comprise an precursory passage, substantiality passages ample to aid the demand, a remotest passage, and a Reference List in APA create. 4) The essay must use instrument (notes from each assembly convocation, the textbook, and one other peer-reviewed beginning) notorious suitably after a while in-text citations in APA create. 5) The essay get semblance how a way concept helps to teach what happened in the assembly (Part 1) and a way concept taught to another ward (your reader) to gain them fortunate in proximate semester's assembly experiment (Part 2). 6) Your essay is due at the begin of the collocate assemblage where it is due. Late disquisitions are not suitable for way points. Anticipate problems after a while computers and printers and project in walk. An electronic portraiture of the essay should be submitted in the assignment folder beneath.  Use a 12pt Times New Roman font, double-spaced, after a while one inch margins