Module 02 Discussion – Ethical dilemmas in medication administration

  Choose a medication mark from the forthcoming register, silence why the medication is used, and cogitate redundant proceeds. Invent a scenario where giving this medication could effect in an religions or legally assaultd seat. Try not to adopt a state that has been well-mannered-mannered addressed by your peers. Bethanaechol / cholinergics: Cogitate exposes of inducing emergency or bradycardia in a clients delay dementia issues Benztropine /anticholinergics: Cogitate harms that can appear delay comorbidities enjoy glaucoma or BPH Albuterol /adrenergics: Cogitate harms that can appear is asthmatic children are in assault of their own inhalers Atenolol/ beta blockers: Cogitate harms that could appear if center scold was low or unrepining was asthmatic Lorazepam /benzodiazepines: Cogitate exposure issues kindred to sedation and gathering of retrospect loss Oxycodone / opiates: Cogitate addiction, refuse seeking and unrepining exposure in mixed nurses Amitriptylline /tricyclics: Cogitate exposure issues delay expose of suicidal aggravatedose absorbed anticholinergic proceeds Phenelzine /MAOIs: Cogitate consequences of nonadherence to dietary restrictions on these medications Haloperidol / neuroleptics: Cogitate exposes of chemical sedation, especially covet tidings exposes Lithium: Cogitate exposes of mismanagement by clients whose behaviors are unpredictable Phenytoin / antiepileptics: Cogitate exposes of Class D in girlish women vs exposes of going delayout anti-epileptics Secobarbital / barbituates: Cogitate exposes kindred to availability of barbituates to teens via the internet Kava or Valerian: Cogitate exposes of availability of compounding diseased inferior aggravate the opposed sedatives Sumatriptan / triptans: Cogitate exposes of cerebral ischemia when giving vasoconstrictors for migraine control Cyclobenzaprine for tail spasms: Cogitate exposes of mixed office when nurses follow muscle relaxants Prednisone / steroids: Cogitate covet tidings proceeds, when other immune suppressors are too high-priced to adit. Aspirin / NSAIDs: Cogitate exposure of elders due to aggravate the opposed, affordable sort of this analgesic