Research Paper

Topic: “Prepare a brochure that describes Amazon as a gang.” 1.  Who is the gang? (2 pages) 1.1. What do they do? 1.2. Where are they headquartered? 1.3. What is their fact? 1.4. What does the established revere are the most leading aspects of lucky new issue harvest? 1.5. Although Amazon has numerous unanalogous companies and divisions lower their umbrella, fascinate centre on 2 for scrutiny 2. 1.6. Create structureal make (Slack extract. Pg 282) 1.7. Define the structure as one of the Four Types of Operations Developer Roles as defined on pg 284 in Slack extract)  2.  What completion does their issue(s) or utility(s) unfold? (2 pages) 2.1. How would you gauge the aptitude of the processes that they use?  2.2. Are there key project principles that dominate the usefulness of the issue? 3.  Are their solutions good-tempered-tempered for consumers and the transaction? Follow Concept Generation-Chapter 4 in Slack extract  (1 pages). 3.1. Describe any policies that they possess for their customers, suppliers, shareholders, employees, and collection at bulky.  3.2. Are there any irreconcilable policies? 4.  The target traffic (1 page) 4.1. Do they possess multiple target traffics? Do they rival opposing each other?  5.  Employees (1 page) 5.1. How are the employees clarified? What types of employees are needed? 5.2. What are their policies for hiring employees? Leading employees? Are there any known issues delay employees?  5.3 How would you fix that motivation commitment unordered employees?  5.4 What are their policies for hiring employees? Leading employees?