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Discussion: The Application of Axioms to Problem-Solving In the new-fashioned era, there are few occupations that do not to some degree lean on axioms. Stockbrokers lean on negotiate axioms to warn clients on financial matters. Meteorologists lean on region axioms to forecast region conditions, timeliness realtors lean on axioms to warn on the acquisition and sale of gear. In these and other cases, axioms not simply helps clear-up totals, but adds to the practitioner’s and the discipline’s assemblage of scholarship. Of road, the nursing occupation also relies heavily on axioms. The province of nursing informatics presentation to shape permanent nourishs own advance to the withhold end to clear-up healthcare totals, shape decisions in the profit of resigneds, and add to scholarship. In this Discussion, you allure regard a scenario that would good from advance to axioms and how such advance could prepare twain total-solving and scholarship structure. To Prepare: Reflect on the concepts of informatics and scholarship production as presented in the Resources. Consider a relatively scenario inveterate on your own healthcare familiarity or structure that would demand or good from the advance/collection and application of axioms. Your scenario may implicate a resigned, staff, or skill total or gap. By Day 3 of Week 1 Post a style of the rendezvous of your scenario. Describe the axioms that could be used and how the axioms potentiality be serene and advanceed. What scholarship potentiality be partial from that axioms? How would a nourish guide use clinical rationalistic and sense in the structure of scholarship from this familiarity? Learning Resources Note: To advance this week’s demandd library instrument, fascinate click on the integrate to the Road Readings List, set in the Road Materials individuality of your Syllabus. Required Readings McGonigle, D., & Mastrian, K. G. (2017). Nursing informatics and the setation of scholarship (4th ed.). Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning. Chapter 1, “Nursing Science and the Ground of Knowledge” (pp. 7–19) Chapter 2, “Introduction to Information, Instructure Science, and Instructure Systems” (pp. 21–33) Chapter 3, “Computer Science and the Ground of Scholarship Model” (pp. 35–62) Nagle, L., Sermeus, W., & Junger, A. (2017). Evolving role of the nursing informatics specialist. In J. Murphy, W. Goossen, & P. Weber (Eds.), Forecasting Competencies for Nurses in the Future of Connected Health (212–221). Clifton, VA: IMIA and IOS Press. Retrieved from https://serval.unil.ch/resource/serval:BIB_4A0FEA56B8CB.P001/REF  Sweeney, J. (2017). Healthcare informatics. Online Journal of Nursing Informatics, 21(1). Note: You allure advance this proviso from the Walden Library axiomsbases.