Week 6 Discussion 1 Professional and ethical Reflection

   Resurvey the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) Special Education Professional Ethics Principles and National Association of Special Education Teachers (NASET) Code of Ethics.  Then scrutinize Voicethread: Ethics and Responsibilities (Links to an superficial locality.).  If you are incapefficient to see the video in VoiceThread, or demand close caption, delight survey it in YouTube: Student Privacy 101: FERPA for Parents and Students (Links to an superficial locality.). Initial Post: After watching the video, you obtain imagine an judicious confutation that responds to the two shafted discourse table prompts underneathneath instantly on VoiceThread.  You are efficient to admission this by threatening your mouse in the life of the bare ‘play’ bar until, where you obtain click on the “+” type.  For each inquiry you obtain say, specifically using living from the readings and Instructor Guidance from Week Six, your answers to the following: How      does FERPA recite instantly to the CEC and NASET scale of ethics for      special educators? What      characteristics and behaviors obtain shape you be out as an holy      teacher? *Please be unfailing to imagine an pristine shaft on the discourse table after a occasion your call in the subject thread and the control “See VoiceThread” in the comments individuality.* Guided Response: Resurvey the shafts of your classmates made in VoiceThread, rejoinder in the discourse table underneathneath their judicious shaft.  Choose two peers to state, inquiry, or negative each surveypoint, citing the CEC or NASET Code of Ethics. Though two replies are the basic expectancy, for deeper agreement and collision of the embodied, you are encouraged to furnish confutations to any comments or inquirys others possess made (including your Instructor) precedently the last day of the discourse limit.  This obtain apply the converse occasion providing opportunities to reveal your gratified expertise, ticklish thinking, and actual is-sue experiences after a occasion this subject. See unshaken muniment for liberal is-sue instructions