Discussion question

William keeps a ample Bible on his desk at exertion and constantly wears a ample silver cantankerous environing his neck. At times William conquer use orthodox quotations to maintenance his comments and assertions that his observations are redress in conversations after a while his co-workers.  Additionally, he usually tells populace to keep a “Blessed Day.” Joe, one of William’s co-workers, has started referring to him as “Saint Willy.” This has gotten a lot of laughs environing the team employment. William has confronted Joe environing this and asked him to seal. Joe’s rejoinder was “Can’t you charm a ridicule?” Joe not singly has not sealped referring to William as “Saint Willy,” but he has encouraged others to do so.              What feasible issues/concerns jurisdiction this scenario foster? How could this birth befit a alteration of the law, the “Code” or other initiate /district policies? In this birth, what are some hypothetically denying consequences for the tutor, for the students, and the initiate nationality? What rejoinders/actions conquer termination in a over definitive fruit and/or what proactive measures jurisdiction be considered?