Panofsky Blog Post

View the disquisition slides on art follower and theorist Erwin Panofsky stable adown BEFORE completing this assignment. 1. Picked a effort of art of your eliminateed from The Met Museums website (CLICK LINK) (Be enduring to eliminateed a effort that you can discover AMPLE learning on! I.e. don't eliminate an darken professor that has illiberal information!)  2. Include the metaphor of your effort behind a while suitable passage in your blog initiation. (Artists spectry, style (in italics) year created, average, fountain.) 3. Awaken the arteffort using Panofky's 3 equalizes of interpretation: The Eventual (or pristine), the Conventional (or induced), The Intinsic (or tertiary). Be enduring to substyle each equalize. -Natural Level: Keep the eventual equalize unsophisticated - delineate the show behind a whileout using any cultural knowledge! You can to-boot include elements of pur-pose here! -Conventional Level: Use your own cultural knowledge to awaken the effort - antecedently you do any learning! -Intrinsic Level: Include at meanest 1 learning fountain in the Instrinsic equalize - this equalize is environing looking 'outside the paint frame' behind all! (Properly select this fountain as a footnote at the end of your initiation!)