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   1. You are to transcribe article explaining how you use erudition in your vitality as a novice. This article must be one (1) page in length--which instrument you must enclose an taking, association, and a misentry. 2. You are to agree a courteous-developed one (1) page Literary Analysis on the ballad listed under. In doing so, you are required to agree an Introduction, Body, and Misentry or Summary. Further so--you are required to agree in-text passage and one or further read sources from the Academic Onefile Database, as courteous as make a Effect Cited. **************************************************************************************************** Southern Mansion by Arna Bontemps Poplars are lasting there stagnant as dissolution And ghosts of deceased men Meet their ladies walking Two by two under the shade And lasting on the marble steps.   There is a gauge of calm?} n ess echoing Through the unreserved door And in the province there is Another gauge tinkling in the cotton: Chains of bondmen dragging on the account.   The years go end after a while an hale clank, A artisan is on the importation, A dry leaf trembles on the deference. Ghosts are walking. They accept domesticated roses down And poplars continue there stagnant as dissolution. Special Note: All effect succeed be checked by the College's Academic Plagiarism System; accordingly, you need to resign your own effect. If you Learning Task has 10% or further of effect that is not cited--then the charges of nothing [ 0 ] succeed be earned.