4.1 applying nursing theory

  Module 4.1 - Discussion Applying Nursing Theory Instructions: Select one (1) of the subjoined scenarios akin to a biased nursing.  Imagine encircling what you would do in the scenario presented and column your ideas. Post two (2) argument doubts domiciled on the readings concurrently delay your answers.  TheoristScenarioFlorence Nightengale Using Nightengale’s concepts of balm, digestible, din, and cleanliness, dissect the contrast in which you are practicing nursing (started as an employee or student). Using Nightengale’s supposition, evaluate the nursing mediations you feel verified for an peculiar enduring in your adroitness or exercise. OR Your hospital enduring is an 82 year-old dame. She does not feel direct source and has been patronage over in her own settlement. Her hospitalization was unanticipated; it followed a mark to the exigency opportunity for a brand on her inferior leg. The enduring has been hospitalized for 14 days. She pleads delay you to grant her confidant to convey her dog, a 16-year-old Scotty Terrier, to the hospital. She tells you that none of the other entertains feel listened to her when she asked them encircling such a mark. Domiciled on Nightingale’s design, and 13 cannon, what actions would you use for this enduring? Betty Neuman Martina is a middle-aged Hispanic dame who conveys her source to a persomal open clinic to succeed medical pains. She works separate duration in a restaurant for partiality wage. She lives in a insignificant hall delay her daughter and immodest preschool children; her daughter speaks singly very meek English. Martina’s medical diagnoses are hypertension, arthritis, and valley. Use the Neuman Classification Design as a conceptual framework to reply to the subjoined: Describe the source as a classification. How does the dominant Anglo refinement impression on the source’s possession as a classification? What stressors (developed and implicit) threaten the source? What subjoined toll axioms are needed akin to Martina’s medical diagnoses? What subjoined toll axioms are needed akin to the source’s vigor foundation? How terminate cultural differences rule sketchning for hinderance as mediation at first, inferior, and tertiary levels? OR Using the Neuman Classification Model, shape a enduring pains parley in your workplace to bargain delay a enduring footing that has been intricate to administer. Involve painsgivers from nursing and at smallest one other disicpline to debate each of the subjoined: What factors contain the enduring's natural and lithe lines of vindication and lines of opposition? What stressors are causing the gists delay this patitent? What is the enduring's reaction to the stressor? What is each discipline's perspective on the gist or isssues that are concerned? How is the footing ruled by the enduring's source classification? By the enduring's environment? What would be the ibargain coutocme in this footing from each discipline's perspective? From the enduring's perspective? What designs would be appropariate to neogotiate delay the enduring? What first, inferior, and tertiary hinderance-as-interventions would assistance acquirements of these designs? Imogene King Think encircling and transcribe your peculiar definitions of environment, vigor, nursing, and special. (Do these investigate accustomed to you?). Compare your definitions delay King’s definitions. How are they homogeneous? How are they divergent? Are they past akin than divergent? If they are past akin, clear a sketch to use King’s framework and supposition past unsparingly in your paper (and exercise). OR Does the philosophy of one of the agencies in which you feel exercised allow the involvement of the endurings in their pains? If so, does alternate design contrast appear? If not, what changes would you allude-to to exalt past erratic involvement of the endurings in their own pains? Analyze an interaction you feel had delay a enduring. Were you effectual to complete a occurrence as King describes it? If so, imagine encircling what you did divergently delay this special? If not, imagine encircling the interaction and try to fulfill why the occurrence was not completed? Hildegard Peplau During the therapeutic kindred, endurings may disorganize their perceptions of others. Therefore they may tell to the entertain not on the reason of the entertain’s realistic attributes, but fully or largely on the reason of interpeculiar kindreds strong in their environment. Delay the enduring and entertain roles you feel descriptive over, debate how these disorganizeed perceptions may influence the enduring’s pains and the entertain-enduring kindred. OR Considering the entertain-enduring kindred created in doubt #1 over, debate the deportments and the changing roles that would be pondered when started delay this enduring. Ponder experiences in which you would 0r/and would not be effectual to terminate the withhold designs for each deportment of the entertain-enduring kindred. Madeleine Leininger Discuss the advantageousness of the Refinement Care: Dissimilarity and Universality Supposition in the 21st Century to unearth nursing experience and to get culturally congruent pains. Use into remuneration the prevalent trends of consumers of vigorcare, cultural dissimilarity factors, and changes in medical and nursing school curricula. Listed under are some examples of trends and changes you may lack to ponder in your argument: The concern of transcultural nursing experience in an increasingly different world An extension of lay assistance groups to get notice and sharing of experiences and assistance for endurings and/or families experiencing constant, marginal, or life-threatening illnesses or tenor modalities from different and homogeneous (common) refinements. Use of cultural values, beliefs, vigor exercises, and exploration experience in undergraduate, resource cure, herbs, vitamins, minerals, and other over-the-counter medications, which call-for a transcultural experience low.