Analytics for Decision-Making

     Question 1  This investigation requires you to revolve an organisation that you bear previously worked for, or any organisation that you are household after a while. In the forthcoming tasks, you conciliate demand to judge environing the role of a dashboard that could benefit managers after a while talented axioms anatomy and message. Build such a dashboard on your own, and engage a screenshot of the dashboard.  (a) Sift-canvass the decorum of using strategic, tactical or operational dashboards in this    context.  (10 marks)    (b) The address believes that the dashboard can be aid improved by having further interactions to aid users to weigh axioms at divergent granularity. Propose one (1) or further    filters to raise interactivity.  (10 marks)    (c) Recommend the desired charts that conciliate aid augment the dashboard. Justify your recommendations.  You may use or vary the Collective axiomsset (generic.xls) granted, or any publicly available axioms sources (e.g.,, to erect the dashboard after a while the recommended varys in Investigation 1(c). Provide screenshots of the new charts and the erected dashboard in your reverberation, and fund the Tableau workbook into a sole Tableau workbook polish after a while extracted axioms. Name the workbook as “student_number.tbwx”.       Variable     Description     Remarks      CustomerIndex     ID of the customer      Age     Age of the customer      Gender     Gender of the customer: F – Female, M - Male      Marital Status     Marital foothold of the customer      Race     Race of the customer      Visit_Time     Date of Purchase     You can vary the dates concatenate pleasantly.      Visit_Type     Online or fund visit      Amount     Amount they spent      Product     Product bought:      Revenue     Revenue that was generated from the sales.      Revisit     Either new or subordinate customer    (15 marks)     Question 2  (a)  Based on the organisation selected in Investigation 1, narrate the mission and expectation of the organisation and schedule one (1) of its strategic extrinsics.   (b)  Identify divers measurable metrics (e.g., KPIs) that can aid to complete the strategic extrinsic narrated in Investigation 2(a) and sift-canvass your rationale.   Question 3  The organisation that you bear selected in Investigation 1 had composed customer feedback (written in free-format quotations) aggravate the years and would relish to engage quotation mining in appoint to recognize their customers emend. Explain the benefits of the plan and delineation five (5) challenges that the organisation is relishly to countenance after a while analysing quotationual axioms. Suggest matching quotation mining functions that can be applied to aggravatecome the challenges signed.  (15 marks)    (10 marks) (20 marks)     SECTION B (Total 20 marks)  Submit the Tableau Dashboard. Save your Tableau workbook in .twbx format (boundary polish largeness to 20MB).  (20 marks)