Working Delay Clients Delay Dual Diagnosis: The Condition of Joe Joe is a 34-year-old, Caucasian hardy who came to the County Division of Social Services to engage for General Countenance (GA) benefits. The GA program procures money countenance, Medicaid coverage, and housing for homeless unmarried adults. Joe is in deficiency of Medicaid benefits in dispose to accrue locomotive in his composition program. Joe is receiving composition at the Mentally Ill Chemical Abuser (MICA) unfair hospitalization program at the national class moral soundness courage for clients who are dually diagnosed. Joe has a reliance on marijuana, although he has stopped using it for closely six months, and has been diagnosed delay main depressive assumption. He is meaning prescribed medication. Joe reports that he is disqualified to production due to moral illness, and delayout an allowance or soundness insurance, he is disqualified to earn his medication. Joe reports that occasion he was enrolled as a student at the say university, he would vend marijuana to other college students. Eventually, he was arrested and convicted of tenure delay urgent to dissect a controlled exposed meaning (CDS) and served 3 years in prison. Joe has had no raise arrests; thus-far, he has not been conducive to cdestroy burning housing or holding spent his indemnify. Joe reports that this accident has penniless his society. His closing of holding effects from an poverty to by most setting checks. If he reveals that he was arrested, Joe reports that he is never denominated for interviews. But when he uninterruptedly failed to reveal the advice to the prospective master, Joe was terminated for untrue on his collision. Joe believes that he has shabby expectation for coming holding. Joe has few unless aids in his society. He reports that subjoined the imprisonment, his race distanced itself from him and his girlfriend at the period broke up delay him. He reports that his simply aids are his national Narcotics Anonymous (NA) trustingty and his moral soundness counselor. Joe reports that his housing condition has been unstconducive and endemic for the spent 10 years. Joe’s moral soundness counselor from the MICA program has continuityed me to maintainer for Joe’s praise for benefits. I teached that lower the general say regulations, Joe is unprofitable for benefits due to his CDS disposal belief. The simply program options that I can prproffer him are prop stamps and adit to a homeless shield beyond of the county. The counselor teached that relocation would source a disintegration to Joe’s moral soundness composition and would source him to destroy continuity delay his national NA trustingty. In exculpation to the counselor’s concerns, I suggested that Joe continuity the national faith-based form for countenance. Although they do not issue unmarried hardys, they possess an big netproduction of volunteers, mentors, and donors who may financially aid vulgar in deficiency. I referred Joe to a program that proffers bonding to vulgar seeking holding who possess been previously incarcerated. Finally, I suggested that the counselor learning Joe’s power to accrue in composition at the hospital resisting his closing of Medicaid coverage. The counselor agreed to aid Joe delay these suggestions. explanation of how garbage policies assume Joe’s term, as  described in the condition consider. Then, teach any gaps in use you rest  in Joe’s condition as a effect of the garbage policies narrated in the condition  study. Finally, narrate a management you force use to address these gaps  or compel changes to the policies that assume Joe. Support your column delay particular references to the resources. Be trusting to procure generous APA citations for your references.