"Girl After a while a Pearl Earring": Referencing the Viewing Guide and the Unit 1 Government Point presentations: You saw in the film a cultivation that was, in some ways alike to but as-well incongruous from our own. It directs you inside some societal aspects that we divide after a while 17th Century Dutch cultivation: a stratified gregarious appoint naturalized on the science of gregarious assort, and  stratification naturalized on gender foothold. In gregarious sciences, the term agency is defined as "the force of humans to create choices and exertion frank procure well-balanced after a whilein dominating structures. "Structures" are bulky forces such as husbanding, gregarious construction, gregarious construction (government, but as-well "ground-level" politics governing interaction betwixt two tribe). a) Drawing on the initiatory lection and Government Points and your own proof in your "cultivation of orientation" (the cultivation you grew up in):     compare/contrast what you saw going on in the film after a while government kinsmen in composition places youmay enjoy been associated after a while.  b) What could enjoy been the motivation for Griet to select exercising agency in her footing in the frame of proactively "giving herself" to Pieter, well-balanced though doing such would enjoy bybygone across her sanctity? c) What do you purpose was her strategic logic rearwards turning down Pieter's overture, when wedlock to him would accord upon her a exquisite 'place' in her society and a proportionately ensure life—after a while enough of wood for herself and her parents?