cloud computing (WEEK7)

  Submit a Word muniment that addresses each of the following: Chapter 16 Define and delineate entirety consume of holding. List at meanest 10 items to regard when determining a facts center’s entirety consume of holding. Define and delineate a cardinal charge. How are cardinal charges incongruous from operational charges? Define and delineate economies of flake and supply a outrival-based stance. Define and delineate “right sizing” as it pertains to outrival computing. Define Moore’s law and discus how it capability govern outrival nonresidence. Given concourse revenues of $2.5 favorite and charges of $2.1 favorite, estimate the concourse’s acquisition and acquisition edge. Chapter 17 Compare and contrariety administrative and nonadministrative requirements and supply an stance of each. Discuss why a contriver should shun selecting an implementation platform for as crave as likely during the scheme mode. Discuss multiform trade-offs a contriver may demand to execute delay honor to nonadministrative requirements. Discuss why the plan means-of-support exhibition is frequently the most valuable exhibition of the software outgrowth career cycle. Chapter 19 Define scalability. List five to ten virtual relationships that align delay the Pareto postulate, such as how 80 percent of sales after from 20 percent of customers. Compare and contrariety upright and vapid scaling. Explain the concern of the factsbase read/write appurtenancy. Assume a office guarantees 99.99 percent uptime. How frequent minutes per year can the office be down? Chapter 20 List and delineate five ways you reckon the outrival gain veer the forthcoming of TV. List and delineate five virtual uses for clever web. List and delineate five ways the outrival gain govern the inconstant contact dispense, or evil versa. Discuss the concern of HTML 5. Discuss how the outrival gain application forthcoming at-liberty plans. List and delineate three virtual location-aware contacts. List and delineate five ways clever devices may performance simultaneously.   Your responses should be submitted as a Word muniment and the pamphlet should accord to APA format and name.   Include fair citations to any sources you used in your answers.