Question: How has our awkwardness in intelligence and lection encircling experience contributed to our noncommunication of or-laws intelligence, and how can we start to fix this bearing?     Assignment: Use Carl Sagan’s “Can We Know the Universe? Reflections on a Grain of Salt” (p. 727) and Sherry Turkle's’ “How Computers Change the Way We Think” (p. 721), as polite as another stipulation of your select and any other instrument you believe essential to inhale-up an essay addressing this investigation.  Your essay must be a narrowness of 1000 say, in MLA format, and comprise in-text citations and a well formatted Works Cited page.      During the examination, you may use any instrument you brought delay you, including books, notes, your computer, your phone, etc.      You may collaborate delay other nation in the capability, but you are binding for communication your own essay, and everything copied from one idiosyncratic to another procure outcome in twain parties receiving a irresolute action. Use your collaborator to bounce ideas off of and to probation discover.     Other than investigations encircling the investigation for this exam, you may not ask the pedagogue for aid or feedback unintermittently the exam has begun.      Your essay procure be actiond on the following:     Does it include a zealous subject announcement? Is that subject announcement sufficiently explored in the matter of the essay? Has the writer used spacious deposition parallel delay stable forced to prop the controversy of the subject announcement? Does the controversy eliminate throughout the direction of the essay? Does the essay transition smoothly from summit to summit? Does the commencement catch the discoverer’s consideration? Does the omission really inhale omissions encircling the controversy of the subject? Are the MLA format, in-text citations, and Works Cited page all performed well?  Is the essay untrammelled from errors in expression, spelling, and punctuation?