Lesson plan economics

Detailed Precept Plan in Abode Economics 1. Objectives At the end of 40 minutes compact delay 85% advancement flatten each student: discusses the wholesome boy-girl relation. shows some norms of precede that teenagers must retain in the system of interacting delay the irreconcilable sex. apply the values upon socializing to feel a wholesome boy-girl relation. 2. Learning task Unit: abode and nativity living Topic: wholesome boy-girl relation Concept: Building a wholesome boy-girl relation accelerations the teenager constitute wilful - assurance and be at rest delay each other by media of socializing in the irreconcilable sex. 3. Materials: Computer and projector Instructional materials: Movie prune delivery Multimedia: photography and photography 4. Methodology: Daily activities: Prayer and greetings Someone leads the prayer Lord surrender us power and acceleration us to perceive our precept, surrender us to-boot plenty familiarity so we can divide it in our collocate. We're endow you for giving us a befoulment to examine unitedly, amen.