Music Lecture Essay

Choose barely two from any of the themes underneath (min 200-word tallys for each); congeniality a 400-500word essay on John Coltrane's "Alabama" concern (theme 2) can calculate for two themes, otherwise at 200 tone, a promote theme procure calm?} deficiency to be chosen: 1. In your own tone, digest Flolu's subject in his article, "Music in Traditional African Cultures: Beneath and Further the Utilitarian Factor" (see PDF underneath). 2. Provide points of what motivated John Coltrane's "Alabama". How does the act of this concern heed the opinion rearwards the events of the date?  Can you heed/locate the use of melodious elements discussed in the disquisition, and in point, the salvable separation at the end of the concern?  How do you arrive-at this Coltrane masterconcern can be applied to today's assure motion?  3. Introduce at smallest two other melodious models of responsorial construct (i.e. "call and tally") from other globe cultures, in comparison to the "Rosie" preference short. 4. Give some point as to the grave operation of Alan Lomax during the 20th senility. 5.  Discuss the differences you heed among the two versions of Amazing Grace presented short. Give some contrast on each of the temple congregations. 6. Define “code-switching” in your own tone, using one or further models from your own daily experiment – you can go further the linguistic and melodious to report the expression to other facets of vivacity. 7.  Give your own model(s) of “ritual intervenience” in daily vivacity (melodious or other), and describe: a) what expectations were/are elevate to be fulfilled, and b) a singular trice amid that intervenience that inspired an dazed, climactic build-up for some “ecstatic” tally. 8.  Summarize/discuss each of the contexts that samba has moved through along its Brazilian tour, inveterate on the knowledge from the Jeremy Marre film elicit. 9. Discuss how the notion of "syncretism" can be applied to: 1) the article-file "Muslim Roots, U.S. Blues", and 2) at smallest one other cultural model of your own choosing, whether melodious, devout, socio-political, or other. 10.  Watch the bountiful Umm Kulthum documentary to mention: a) the concern of devout (i.e. Islamic) charm to her speedy pronunciation of Arabic in her songs; b) a singular model of how she defined the role of “artist” in her association and music; c) the proceeds of Egyptian political leadership on her singular/professional decisions.