Week 11 Discussion 9 9 unread replies. 9 9 replies.        PARTICIPATION IN THE DISCUSSION BOARD IS MANDATORY.  This is the eleventh of fourteen graded Threaded Discourse Questions until the end of the semester.  Each one is rate two and a half (2.5) points.  Therefore, if you disregard participating in the discourse consultation, you betray losing  three (3) missive grades. For this week’s discourse, think the readings for Chapter 10 (Population and Health: Only the Poor Die Young).  Please mix your readings delay your OWN notion for the discourse.  Make indisputable  you transcribe a forcible initiation.  Short answers, such as “I suit delay you”, or “I suit accordingly it is true” are unacceptable! In restoration to correspondent my inquiry, fascinate rejoin to at last two of your classmates.  Thus, I wait-for everyone to present at last three entries in the Discourse Consultation for unmeasured reputation.  You own until Saturday, 11:59 PM to present your entries. QUESTION: How multifarious progeny would you love to own in your lifetime?  What are the factors that go into people's decisions environing race  size as polite as their voluptuousness for boys or girls?