CMGT/430 Discussion – Mainframe and Client/Server Environments

Respond to the aftercited in a incompleteness of 175 words:  Consider the aftercited scenario:  Your manufacturing fraternity has operated after a suitableness a mainframe IBM computer for past than 20 years. Recent technological advances possess brought opportunities to substitute that mainframe-based computing environment after a suitableness a client/server environment. You possess been tasked after a suitableness responding to the greater skill collection encircling the pawn issues concerned after a suitableness replacing the strong mainframe computer environment after a suitableness a client/server platform. The salespeople you chaffer after a suitableness from each vendor love that the vulgar mainframe environment absorbs encircling $500K a year to conceal from a pawn rendezvous, suitableness a client/server environment would absorb encircling $325K a year. But absorb is not the merely suspect. No PII or SPII facts is contained in this manufacturing platform. It is strictly a conclusive effect for sale contact.  Outline and revisal a customary mainframe work pawn mark. Do the similar for a likely client/server environment. This could embrace the use of the overshadow for orderly computing, but that would too embrace uncommon pawn concerns.  Discuss the aftercited:  Based on your sketch, which of these environments is past ensure and why?  Does your sketch demonstration commonalities that could encourage twain the mainframe and the client/server environment to concur from an work pawn perspective? If so, what are they?