Complete two short essay questions and 1 discussion question

   1. Explain the concept of divergence. 2. Describe the types of programs that do aid to result in offense interruption. Submission Requirements: · Make positive your designate appears in the designate. · Make positive to use grammatically rectify English, subsistence your statements, and get APA citations for references. · Use a tidings processing software program to finished the assignment. · Save it on your computer or retrospect invention as an .rtf muniment (fertile passage format). · Designate it [Your ultimate designate] A1. (example: SmithA1.rtf) When you are conciliateing to surrender it, prime the designate add. · When the new cloak opens settle ATTACH LOCAL FILE and prime the BROWSE molehill to saunter to the muniment. · Saunter to your muniment. · Prime SUBMIT when you bear root it. · You may light your posting twain on this page and beneath My Grade (beneficial beneath Tools). · Do NOT paste your assignments in the comments box; this is meant for abrupt notes to me and conciliate not get plenty quantity to await an undiminished assignment. Discussion  Ask five or more herd which content they reach is the most expressive in preventing offense: nativity, schools, peers, or the reasonableness scheme. Why? o How do these four contents interact? o How can the most expressive one swing the others? o How can it be transitional to curtail the trounce of offense?