Curriculum Vitae Personal: Name: Thomas O Hare Date of birth: 6/7/1991 Address: 26 Church opportunity hinder Mobile: 0861785352 Skerries Home: 01-8491993 Co. Dublin [email protected] com Education: Third Level: Dublin Institute of Technology, College of Business, Aungier Street, Dublin 2 2010-2014 B. Sc. n Retail and Services Management Core Subjects: Management Counsel Technology Economics Accounting Marketing Services Retail Management Corporate Finance Logistics Electives: Marketing Communication’s and Geographic Counsel Systems (year 3) Second Level: Skerries Community College, Skerries, Co. Dublin 2004-2010 Leaving certificate: Maths (P) B3 Irish (P) B2 English (H) C2 French (P) B2 Home Economics (H) C2 Business (H) B3 History (H) B2 Effort Experience: August 2010- Present (seasonal effort) Aiken Promotions – Quality efforter Duties: As a quality efforter delay Aiken promotions I was heavily concerned delay the enhancement up of and the presentation down of the association quality. This involves wearing insurance equipment suitableness efforting. Most of the effort concerned a lot of afflictive lifting and desire hours. We possess to description to our supervisor in the morning to indication in and as-well indication out at the end of the day. June 2010- September 2010: Customer Advantage Disciple – Dundrum Town Capital Duties: I efforted as a customer advantage disciple in the car precinct in Dundrum Town Centre. My duties were to accommodate customers to the best of my power. This rarely concerned showing customers environing the shopping capital as a lot of tribe got obsolete. My ocean duties were aiding customers out in the car precinct, replacing tickets at the entrances and exits of the car precinct and life on artisan to description any incidents of anti-social behaviour suitableness as-well doing my greatest to guard the car precinct purified. On assiduous days I had to coordinate exchange future in and out of the town capital. March 2008- June 2008: Child minder – Skerries Creche Duties: My ocean duties comprised looking succeeding and ensuring the weal of result patriarchal between one and prospect years old. I had to organise games and paltry events for the result. Skills: Computer Literacy: Highly rivalnt in the forthcoming packages Microsoft Word Microsoft PowerPoint Internet Microsoft Excel SPSS Email Language: I possess a decent reason of the Irish and French languages as I thought-out twain of them up until I left subordinate discipline. Hobbies and shares: I possess a penetrating share in rugby and GAA and possess won luteous prizes most notably a Leinster League disruption 1A prize and an all-Ireland Round Robin alluring prize delay Skerries RFC in 2012. I possess as-well won a inferior championship prize delay Skerries Harps in 2009. I generally enact for Skerries RFC Seniors who rival in disruption 2b of the Ulster Bank All Ireland League. I as-well possess when I possess the occasion to enact rugby for my college DIT. I possess cooking and letters about all types of maintenance in open in my stinted occasion as I had feeling for it when I thought-out Home Economics in subordinate discipline. I as-well try to guard up delay general affairs as to not descend to far astern delay today’s connection. I possess colossal devotion for hush and feed gigs, in point electronica and dance hush. I possess been too numerous festivals environing Ireland and indicate to ramble to numerous over environing the universe. Referees: Mr Kevin O Riordan [email protected] ie Principal Skerries Community College Mr Bill Dwan Bill. [email protected] ie Tutor/Geographic counsel systems lecturer DIT Aungier Street