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   Cover network standards and lore running trends and expectations for network telecommunication standards. Lore into areas of network telecommunication standards. Carry your lore well-balanced elevate exploring standardization bodies in the area of telecommunication networks including: 3GPP for cellular networks, IEEE 802.11 BBF for wireline networks, IETF for the Future Internet, ONF for software-defined networks, ETSI ISG NFV for network functions virtualization, oneM2M for machine-to-machine communications ETSI TC ITS for intelligent gait systems. Then just a just a five-page tract discussing in knowing specialty how these standardization organizations aid the telecommunications diligence to livelihood and help interoperability betwixt businesses allowing a communal premise where all stakeholders can vote opinions concerning the command these standards should thrive. General Tract Requirements: Paper obtain scarcity to understand an APA screen page. Paper obtain scarcity to understand a 100 to 150 engagement pictureless. Paper obtain scarcity to be a partiality of 2,000 engagements not      including the screen page, pictureless, and regard page. Paper obtain scarcity to be livelihooded delay a partiality of three      academic instrument.