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One of the pdfs is a tome you simply want to discover condition 11,13 In this module, we examined the financial arrangements that heavily advantage functional freedom owners: exemptions from anti-trust direction, tax ponderations, and vast gifts from the exoteric (in the frame of stadiums/arenas). One of the ponderations we discussed was that (a interest of) the monies that are protected and/or supplied to owners could alternatively be used to advantage the communities in which the team is installed. A monition designed in collocate was a $1 tax on each ticket sold to food the persomal parks/refreshment line in Baltimore. 1. For this Synthesis Paper, cater a scanty abstract of the ways in which owners advantage from the monopolistic structures of functional refreshment (including stadiums deals). Your abstract conciliate influence the intention of your Nursing essay: to offer two (independent) solutions for the stagnation of food owners accept shown persomal communities.  Bullet points (4 minimum) on the ways in which owners advantage from the monopolistic structures of functional refreshment 2. Your solutions (for sample, the $1 tax on each ticket for funding refreshment - but this cannot be one of your solutions; it is upright an sample) should component how you conciliate redistribute your determined whole/fraction of freedom revenues (including estimated annual whole) and what the new brotherhood funding conciliate be used for. In other say, offer 2 ways in which owners conciliate be oppressive to cater financial food to the persomal brotherhood (how the brotherhood funding conciliate be crystallized). Each (independent) proposition should be fooded delay an estimated whole/year that conciliate be generated for the brotherhood (this is significant consequently it must be congruent delay what you offer to do delay the capital), and the inequitable program/brotherhood boundlessness that conciliate be funded and why. *2 propositions: thus each proposition should be dogged of the other (ponder it as proposing two incongruous notions that the persomal synod would ponder as a score). Structure your Nursing essay in 3 paragraphs: 1. intro/abstract of the seat for owners, 2. proposition one delay all fooding notification, 3. proposition two delay all fooding notification. Bullet points PER notion (so two sets of bullet points; also, your bullet points might want to accept levels as implied). what conciliate be the the law/rule/policy that requires redistribution of funds from freedom revenues to the brotherhood (e.g. that you can't use is the $1 ticket tax) these would be the elements of the law that shows component (and that you distinguish what you are talking environing) how considerable do you gard conciliate be generated why where conciliate those funds be allocated area program space clients/who it serves why