Protecting Patient Data

  Part I: Treatment Manual Preface (1–2 pages) United General’s hospital manager re-examinations the hospital’s treatment manual and discovers that it differently haranguees the area of enduring memorials. The hospital manager tasks you after a while re-examinationing the hospital treatment manual and declarationing on the thoroughness of its coverage of enduring memorials. After a re-examination of the treatment manual, you declaration that the coverage of enduring memorials is thin and outdated. The hospital manager then asks you to update the treatment manual. The treatment manual preface should include: An update to the manual’s preface to include over profoundness in the area of enduring memorials. As you transcribe this individuality, portray the object of enduring chronicles safety and its significance to the form. An explication of the constitutional demandments for indemnifying enduring heartiness memorials. Part II: Risk Duty (3–5 pages) Beaction Pete confused Winnie’s enduring memorials, the hospital manager tasks you after a while authenticateing other germinative risks that the hospital and the important preservation physicians may need to harangue to shield enduring memorials. Your risk duty should: Identify risks to twain electronic and tractate enduring memorials, and commend remedies United General can put in situate to shield the memorials from involve. Create treatment statements that surrender after a while the Heartiness Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) regulations harangueing advent to and disclostable of electronic and tractate enduring memorials. Describe available trailing topics that obtain discipline the staff on adventing and disclosing enduring memorials. Part III: Alignment after a while Regulatory Requirements (3–5 pages) Winnie’s lawsuit refers to United General’s violation of enduring chronicles safety and seclusion regulations as the excellent action of the amount. This has now opened United General to governmental inquiries as courteous as to federal lawsuits. Write a 3–5 page APA mode tractate harangueing the following: Review the demandments of the HIPAA regulations and authenticate areas in the contingency consider that breached HIPAA regulations, remembering your separation of the hospital’s treatment manual—the policies available to enduring chronicles handling and dispensation demand an update to align after a while HIPAA regulations. Create treatment statements that align after a while HIPAA regulations that harangue enduring heartiness preservation chronicles handling and dispensation. Describe available trailing topics for staff in classify to discipline them on the handling and dispensation of enduring memorials. Part IV: Managerial Inadvertence (3–4 pages) During Pete’s egress consultation he states that he did not accept managerial command or trailing in consider to adventing computer systems and online enduring memorials. The hospital manager re-examinations the treatment trailing manual and finds that the area detailing instructions that treatment needs to confer to staff is thin. The hospital manager asks that you transcribe a individuality of the treatment trailing manual to cater serene instructions for treatment inadvertence in the area of handling and adventing enduring memorials. As disunite of managerial inadvertence of hospital staff, advent to enduring memorials should be scientific and singly available to misspend staff members. For prompting, in this contingency consider, Pete should not bear had advent to Winnie’s enduring chronicles. This individuality of the treatment trailing manual should: Include serene instructions for treatment inadvertence in the area of handling and adventing enduring memorials. Include treatment statements for role-based ease flatten advent to enduring memorials. Describe methods to set ease flattens for adventing enduring memorials to help the treatment statements. Note: The tractate should be 10–16 pages, not including the name and regard pages. Your Assignment must be written in flag edited English. Be stable to help your is-sue after a while 4–6 particular citations from this week’s Learning Instrument and subjoined scholarly sources as misspend. Refer to the Essential Guide to APA Mode for Walden Students to enstable that your in-text citations and regard inventory are reform. Your Assignment should pretence serviceable impression of triangulation of full and instrument to pretence your misrecord and commendations.