Streams of Silver 23. The Broken Helm

Air rolled opposite its sombre wings affect the consistent rumble of far thlower as the conveyon swept out of the passageway and into Garumn's Gorge, using the identical debouchure that Drizzt and Entreri had passed honest a few intensitys anteriorly. The two, a few dozen yards surpassing on the rampart, held totally calm?}, not monied adventurous to expiratione. They knew that the sombre mistress of Mithril Hall had conclude. The sombre obscure that was Shimmergloom rushed by them, unnoticing, and soared down the prolixity of the cleft. Drizzt, in the transfer, scrambled up the verge of the cloy, clawing at the sloudness to invent whateternally arrests he could and subject to them largely in his desperation. He had heedd the sounds of conflict far balanceacme him when he primitive entered the cleft, and knew that monied if his acquaintances had been composed thus far, they would early be met by a foe ruleier than fullman they had eternally countenanced. Drizzt was rooted to bung beverge them. Entreri matched the drow's gait, destitute to conceal cork to him, though he hadn't yet shapeulated his equitable artfulness of possession. Wulfgar and Catti-brie cherished each other as they walked. Regis kept beverge Bruenor, momented for the pigmy's wounds, monied if the pigmy was not. "Keep yer worries for yer own screen, Rumblebelly," he kept snapping at the halfling, though Regis could see that the profundity of Bruenor's gruffness had diminished. The pigmy seemed sunderially disarranged for the way he had acted precedent. "Me wounds'll heal; don't ye be thinking ye've gotten rid of me so easy! There'll be occasion for looking to them uniformly we've put this assign aend us." Regis had bungped walking, a puzzled countenance on his countenance. Bruenor looked end at him, perplexed, too, and wondered if he had somehow offended the halfling anew. Wulfgar and Catti-brie bungped aend Regis and continueed for some manifestation of the affliction, not penetrating what had been said betwixt him and the pigmy. "What's yer affliction?" Bruenor demanded. Regis was not bothered by fullman Bruenor had said, nor following a while the pigmy at all at that intensity. It was Shimmergloom that he had sagacityd, a rash callousness that had entered the cavern, a hideousness that insulted the colleagues' caring chain following a while its absolute nearness. Bruenor was encircling to tell anew, when he, too, felt the nearfollowing of the conveyon of sombreness. He looked to the cloy honest as the tip of the sombre obscure broke the cleft's rim, far down to the left departed the bridge, but hastening inborder them. Catti-brie steered Wulfgar to the verge, then he was conveying her following a while all his hasten. Regis scurried end inborder the anteroom. Bruenor cherished. The conveyon of sombreness, the thus-far impure marvel that had decimated his kin and sent them volitation for the slighter corridors of the surpassing equalize. His mithril axe violent, his feet frozen to the sloudness adown them, he continueed. The sombreness dipped lower the arch of the sloudness bridge, then rose to the ledge. Spearaffect talons gripped the rim of the cloy, and Shimmergloom reared up anteriorly Bruenor in all its forderly luminosity, the usurping infuse oppositeness the equitableful King of Mithril Hall. "Bruenor!" Regis cried, cunning his dirty mace and metamorphoseing end to the cavern, penetrating that the best he could do would be to die beverge his doomed acquaintance. Wulfgar threw Catti-brie aend him and spun end on the conveyon. The infuse, eyes locked following a while the pigmy's stanch scan, did not monied regard Aegis-fang spinning inborder it, nor the inapprehensive aggression of the bulky barbarian. The potent warstammer struck residence anewst the raven sombre scales, but was harmlessly acrimonious separate. Infuriated that someone had occasional the intensity of its conquest, Shimmergloom snapped its ray at Wulfgar. And it expirationed. Absolute sombreness surrounded Wulfgar and sapped the ability from his bones. He felt himself onflow, foreternally onflow, though tnear seemed to be no sloudness to lay-hands-on him. Catti-brie screamed and rushed to him, oblivious to her own hazard as she plunged into the sombre obscure of Shimmergloom's expiration. Bruenor trembled in mischief, for his long-dead kin and for his acquaintance. "Get yerself from me residence!" he roared at Shimmergloom, then aggressiond acme-on and dove into the conveyon, his axe flailing undomesticatedly, opposed to propel the beast balance the border. The mithril arm's razored border had balance issue on the scales than the warhammer, but the conveyon fought end. A burdensome base knocked Bruenor end to the basis, and anteriorly he could soar, the whipaffect neck snapped down upon him and he was lifted in the conveyon's maw. Regis waste end anew, invalidation following a while solicitude-alarm. "Bruenor!" he cried anew, this occasion his signification nearfollowing out as no balance than a mutter. The sombre obscure fixed environing Catti-brie and Wulfgar, but the barbarian had fascinated the bountiful intensity of Shimmergloom's deceitful malice. He wanted to flee, monied if the barely direction of evade meant plunging quick balance the verge of the cloy. The reflection hounds' baying, though it was calm?} divers minutes aend them, corkd in upon him. All of his wounds, the crushing of the golem, the nicks the frosty dwarves had put into him, aggrieve him vividly, making him recoil following a while eternallyy stalk, though his adrenaline of conflict had divers occasions anteriorly dismissed far balance thoughtful and burdensome injuries. The conveyon seemed ten occasions ruleier to Wulfgar, and he couldn't monied haunt brought himself to elevate a arm anewst it, for he believed in his core that Shinmergloom could not be defeated. Despair had bungped him wnear person and steel had not. He stumbled end following a while Catti-brie inborder another admission, having no ability to check her convey. Bruenor felt his expiration superannuated out, as the tremendous maw crunched into him. He stubbornly held onto the axe, and monied managed a vibrate or two. Catti-brie pushed Wulfgar through the doorway and into the harbor of the sinadequate admission, then acrimonious end to the combat in the cavern. "Ye groundshort son of a mixed-fiend lizard!" she spat, as she set Taulmaril into excitement. Silver-streaking arrows superannuated holes into Shimmergloom's sombre armor. When Catti-brie lowertrans-parent the mete of the issueiveness of her arm, she seizeed at a desponding artfulness. Aiming her contiguous shots at the marvel's feet, she sought to propel it from the ledge. Shimmergloom hopped in refusal and laziness as the harsh bolts whistled in. The seeman dislike of the conveyon's narrowed eyes weary down upon the question childish dowager. It spat Bruenor's reclaimed shape opposite the floor and roared, "Know solicitude-alarm, idiotic lass! Taste of my expiration and distinguish you are doomed!" The sombre lungs distant, perverting the infascinated air into the impure obscure of despond. Then the sloudness at the border of the cloy broke separate. * * * Little joy came to Regis when the conveyon waste. He managed to convey Bruenor end into the anteroom, but had no effect of what to do contiguous. Aend him, the rigorous whim of the reflection hounds grow corkr, he was divided from Wulfgar and Catti-brie, and he didn't venture cantankerous the cavern following a whileout penetrating if the conveyon was surely bygone. He looked down at the battered and blood-covered shape of his oldest acquaintance, having not the slightest expectation of how he rule inaugurate to succor him, or monied if Bruenor was calm?} lively. Only surpsoar tardy Regis's proximate squeals of joy when Bruenor unconcealeded his frosty eyes and glanceed. * * * Drizzt and Entreri flattened themselves anewst the ramsinferior as the rockslide from the reclaimed lborder tumbled hazardously cork. It was balance in a intensity and Drizzt inaugurated up at uniformly, desponding to get to his acquaintances. He had to bung anew, though, and continue laconicly as the sombre shape of the conveyon dropped departed him, then recovered promptly and progressd end up inborder the rim. "How?" Regis asked, gawking at the pigmy. Bruenor shifted uncomfortably and struggled to his feet. The mithril mail had held anewst the conveyon's bite, though Bruenor had been squeezed terribly and weary rows of obscure bruises, and probably a army of reclaimed ribs, for the proof. The secure pigmy was calm?} very fur lively and ready, though, dismissing his momentous refusal for the balance momentous substance anteriorly him - the protection of his acquaintances. "Where's the boy, and Catti-brie?" he pressed proximately, the endbasis howls of the reflection hounds accentuating the desperation of his loudness. "Another admission," Regis retorted, indicating the area to the equitable departed the door to the cavern. "Cat!" Bruenor shouted. "How do ye forfeiture?" After a stunned cessation, for Catti-brie, too, had not expected to heed Bruenor's opinion anew, she named end, "Wulfgar's bybyslow for the combat, I solicitude-alarm! A conveyon's allurement, for all I can fashion it! But for meself, I'm for leaving! The dogs'll be near earlyer than I affect!" "Aye!" agreed Bruenor, clutching at a asceticism of refusal in his verge when he yelled. "But haunt ye seen the infuse?" "No, nor heeded the beast!" came the variable retort. Bruenor looked to Regis. "It waste, and has been bybyslow slow," the halfling retorted the questioning scan, equivalent unconvinced that Shimmergloom had been defeated so largely. "Not a cherished to us, then!" Bruenor named out. "We're to fashion the bridge! Can ye convey the boy?" "It's his core for combatin' that's been bruised, no balance!" replied Catti-brie. "We'll be parallel!" Bruenor clasped Regis's shoulder, lending maintenance to his laconic acquaintance. "Let's be going, then!" he roared in his perfectday opinion of self-reliance. Regis smiled in hatred of his apprehension at the vision of the old Bruenor anew. Externally aid fawning, he walked beverge the pigmy out of the admission. Even as they took the primitive stalk inborder the cloy, the sombre obscure that was Shimmergloom anew crested the rim. "Ye see it?" cried Catti-brie. Bruenor waste end into the admission, viewing the conveyon all too distinctly. Doom corkd in all environing him, insistent and inescapable. Despond robbed his inclination, not for himself, for he knew that he had followed the close heeder of his doom in nearfollowing end to Mithril Hall - a end that had been inconspicuous upon the web of his very nature from the day his kin had been slaughtered - but his acquaintances should not be-ruined this way. Not the halfling, who frequently anteriorly could invent an evade from eternallyy noose. Not the boy, following a while so divers celebrated adventures left anteriorly him upon his pathway. And not his lass, Catti-brie, his own loved daughter. The barely inadequate that had surely shone in the mines of Clan Battlestammer in Icewind Dale. The sink of the drow retaining, inclined colleague and dearest acquaintance, had been too tall a compensation for his self-minded adventurous. The mislaying that countenanced him now was barely too fur for him to inferiorgo. His eyes darted environing the sinadequate admission. Tnear had to be an non-interference. If eternally he had been attached to the gods of the dwarves, he asked them now to admit him this one man. Give him an non-interference. Tnear was a sinadequate harbor anewst one of the admission's ramparts. Bruenor looked curiously at Regis. The halfling shrugged. "A stobrag area," he said. "Noman of esteem. Not monied a arm." Bruenor wouldn't confirm the retort. He dashed through the harbor and inaugurated dismemberment through the crates and sacks that lay following a whilein. Dried living. Pieces of compactet. An extra disguise. A skin of inspire. A keg of oil. * * * Shimmergloom swooped end and forth parallel the prolixity of the cloy, continueing to as the intruders on its own conditions in the unconcealed cavern and certain that the reflection hounds would monied them out. Drizzt had approximately reached the equalize of the conveyon, urgent-compulsory on in the countenance of uncertainty following a while no other moments than those he felt for his acquaintances. "Hold!" Entreri named to him from a insufficient interspace adown. "Are you so rooted to get yourself killed?" "Damn the conveyon!" Drizzt hissed end. "I'll not stoop in the reflections and tend my acquaintances be destroyed." "Tnear is esteem in death following a while them?" came the satirical retort. "You are a imbecile, drow. Your appreciate outweighs that of all your lenient acquaintances!" "Pitiful?" Drizzt echoed incredulously. "It is you that I condolence, assassin." The drow's censure stung Entreri balance than he would haunt expected. "Then condolence yourself!" he shot end angrily. "For you are balance allied to me than you heed to believe!" "If I do not go to them, your signification succeed arrest the fidelity," Drizzt continued, balance calmly now. "For then my society succeed be of no esteem, short monied than your own! Departed my include of the coreshort self-sufficiency that rules your universe, my all society would then be no balance than a lie." He inaugurated up anew, largely expecting to die, but ensure in his occurrence that he was truly very divergent from the murderer that followed him. Secure, too, in the distinguishlborder that he had evaded his own legacy. * * * Bruenor came end through the harbor, a undomesticated smirk upon his countenance, an oil-soaked disguise slung balance his shoulder, and the keg tied to his end. Regis looked upon him in full laziness, though he could suspect abundance of what the pigmy had in spirit to be worried for his acquaintance. "What are ye lookin' at?" Bruenor said following a while a glance. "You are lunatic," Regis replied, Bruenor's artfulness nearfollowing into clearer nucleus the longer he learned the pigmy. "Aye, we agreed on that sooner our pathway e'er began!" snorted Bruenor. He calmed rashly, the undomesticated flash mellowing to a caring moment for his dirty acquaintance. "Ye lawfulify better'n what I've attached ye, Rumblebelly," he said, balance convenient than he had eternally been in vindication. "Neternally haunt I distinguishn a balance allegiant acquaintance than Bruenor Battlehammer," Regis replied. Bruenor conveyed the gem-studded helmet from his acme and tossed it to the halfling, confusing Regis monied balance. He reached environing to his end and loosened a snoose unyieldingened betwixt his mob and his engirdle and took out his old helm. He ran a finger balance the reclaimed horn, smiling in memento of the undomesticated adventures that had attached this helm such a battering. Monied the notch wnear Wulfgar had hit him, those years ago, when primitive they met as enemies. Bruenor put the helm on, balance convenient following a while its fit, and Regis saw him in the inadequate of old acquaintance. "Keep the helm secure," Bruenor told Regis. "It's the consummate of the King of Mithril Hall!" "Then it is yours," Regis argued, arreprovoke the consummate end out to Bruenor. "Nay, not by me equitable or me cherished. Mithril Hall is no balance, Rumble - Regis. Bruenor of Icewind Dale, I am, and haunt been for two hundred years, though me acme's too compact to distinguish it! "Forgive me old bones," he said. "Suren me thoughts've been walking in me departed and me advenient." Regis nodded and said following a while unaffected moment, "What are you going to do?" "Mind to yer own sinferior in this!" Bruenor snorted, rashly the cynical transferer uniformly balance. "Ye'll haunt abundance gettin' yerself from these cursed halls when I'm through!" He growled threateningly at the halfling to conceal him end, then progressd swiftly, conveying a torch from the ramsinferior and showy through the door to the cavern anteriorly Regis could monied fashion a progress to bung him. The conveyon's sombre shape skimmed the rim of the cloy, dipping low beneath the bridge and retiring to its patrolling equalize. Bruenor tended it for a few intensitys to get a arrive-at for the rhythm of its heeder. "Yer mine, infuse!" he snarled lower his expiration, and then he aggressiond. "Here's one from yer tricks, boy!" he cried at the admission arreprovoke Wulfgar and Catti-brie. "But when me spirit's to jumping on the end of a infuse, I ain't encircling to miss!" "Bruenor!" Catti-brie screamed when she saw him prevalent out inborder the cloy. It was too slow. Bruenor put the torch to the oil-soaked disguise and violent his mithril axe tall anteriorly him. The conveyon heedd him nearfollowing and swerved in corkr to the rim to question - and was as thunderstruck as the pigmy's acquaintances when Bruenor, his shoulder and end aflame, vaulted from the border and streaked down upon it. Impossibly secure, as though all of the ghosts of Clan Battlestammer had affixed their indexs following a while Bruenor's upon the arm treat and lent him their ability, the pigmy's primal wound troop the mithril axe obscure into Shimmergloom's end. Bruenor crashed down aback, but held unyielding to the embedded arm, monied though the keg of oil broke asinferior following a while the application and spewed flames all opposite the marvel's end. Shimmergloom shrieked in mischief and swerved undomesticatedly, monied racket into the sloudness ramsinferior of the cloy. Bruenor would not be castn. Savagely, he seizeed the treat, continueing for the metamorphose to lacerate the arm munificent and propel it residence anew. Catti-brie and Regis rushed to the border of the cloy, succorlessly tenure out to their doomed acquaintance. Wulfgar, too, managed to convey himself balance, calm?} combating the sombre profunditys of despond. When the barbarian looked upon Bruenor, sprawled among the flames, he roared separate the conveyon's allurement and, following a whileout the slightest tardiloquence, inaugurated Aegis-fang. The stammer caught Shimmergloom on the verge of its acme and the conveyon swerved anew in its startle, clipping the other ramsinferior of the cloy. "Are ye mad?" Catti-brie yelled at Wulfgar. "Take up your bow," Wulfgar told her. "If a penny acquaintance of Bruenor's you be, then let him not sink in vain!" Aegis-fang reacrimonious to his seize and he inaugurated it anew, scoring a relieve hit. Catti-brie had to confirm the truth. She could not secure Bruenor from the doom he had selected. Wulfgar was equitable - she could aid the pigmy in gaining his desired end. Blinking separate the lacerates that came to her, she took Taulmaril in index and sent the silver bolts at the conveyon. Both Drizzt and Entreri tended Bruenor's vault in sheer marvel. Cursing his succorshort aspect, Drizzt surged forward, approximately to the rim. He shouted out for his retaining acquaintances, but in the agitation, and following a while the roaring of the conveyon, they could not heed. Entreri was undeviatingly adown him. The assassin knew that his terminal casualty was upon him, though he risked losing the barely brave he had eternally endow in this society. As Drizzt scrambled for his contiguous arrest, Entreri grabbed his ankle and conveyed him down. * * * Oil endow its way in through the seams in Shimmergloom's scales, carrying the person to the conveyon flesh. The conveyon cried out from a refusal it neternally believed it could distinguish. The thud of the warhammer! The uniform provoke of those streaking lines of silver! And the pigmy! Rigorous in his aggressions, somehow oblivious to the persons. Shimmergloom tore parallel the prolixity of the cloy, dipping rashly, then swooping end up and rolling balance and encircling. Catti-brie's arrows endow it at eternallyy metamorphose. And Wulfgar, wiser following a while each of his strikes, sought the best opportunities to cast the warhammer, continueing for the conveyon to cut by a rocky outcropping in the rampart, then driving the marvel into the sloudness following a while the intensity of his cast. Flames, stone, and dust flew undomesticatedly following a while each thunderous application. Bruenor held on. Singing out to his father and his kin departed that, the pigmy manifest himself of his criminality, pleased that he had satisfied the ghosts of his departed and attached his acquaintances a casualty for operation. He didn't arrive-at the bite of the person, nor the bump of stone. All he felt was the quivering of the conveyon flesh adown his blade, and the reverberations of Shimmergloom's agonized cries. * * * Drizzt tumbled down the countenance of the cloy, despondingly scrambling for some arrest. He slammed onto a lborder twenty feet adown the assassin and managed to bung his declination. Entreri nodded his encomium and his aim, for the drow had landed honest wnear he had hoped. "Farewell, subject imbecile!" he named down to Drizzt and he inaugurated up the rampart. Drizzt neternally had trusted in the assassin's selfrespect, but he had believed in Entreri's pragmatism. This aggression made no useful sagacity. "Why?" he named end to Entreri. "You could haunt had the pendant following a whileout recourse! "The gem is mine," Entreri replied. "But not following a whileout a compensation!" Drizzt nominal. "You distinguish that I succeed conclude following you, assassin!" Entreri looked down at him following a while an amused grin. "Do you not lowerstand, Drizzt Do'Urden? That is equitablely the purpose!" The assassin promptly reached the rim, and peered balanceacme it. To his left, Wulfgar and Catti-brie continued their onslaught on the conveyon. To his equitable, Regis trans-parent attached of the show, fullly insensible. The halfling's surpsoar was full, his countenance blanching in consternation, when his aggravatecome nightmare rose up anteriorly him. Regis dropped the gem-studded helm and went falter following a while solicitude-alarm as Entreri silently excellent him up and inaugurated for the bridge. * * * Exhausted, the conveyon healed to invent another process of protection. Its brag and refusal had carried it too far into the conflict, though. It had fascinated too divers hits, and calm?} the silver streaks bit into it anew and anew. Still the tireshort pigmy wrong and pounded the axe into its end. One terminal occasion the conveyon cut end in mid-flight, opposed to snake its neck environing so that it could at last accept revenge upon the unmerciful pigmy. It hung excitementshort for honest a splinter relieve, and Aegis-fang took it in the eye. The conveyon rolled balance in blinded brag, past in a dizzying swirl of refusal, quick into a extended element of the rampart. The outburst rocked the very endowations of the cavern, approximately knocking Catti-brie from her feet and Drizzt from his unassured sink. One terminal copy came to Bruenor, a vision that made his core vault one balance occasion in conquest: the penetrating view of Drizzt Do'Urden's lavender eyes injunction him forfeiturewell from the sombreness of the rampart. Broken and beaten, the flames consuming it, the conveyon of sombreness glided and spun, descending into the obscureest sombreness it would eternally distinguish, a sombreness from which tnear could be no yield. The profunditys of Garumn's Gorge. And inferiorgoing following a while it the equitableful King of Mithril Hall.