Unit 2 Assignment: General Motors’ Commitment to Diversity

General Motors’ Commitment to Diversity Read the vignette “General Motors’ Commitment to Diversity” at the end of Chapter 3. This vignette explores General Motors. Back in the 1980s, valuing heterogeneousness was far from the minds of the start at General Motors. True, GM had established a program to advance minority-owned dealerships, but tnear were problems among the troop. Women and minorities complained to the Similar Encroachment Occasion Commission that the carmaker was conscious despite them. In 1984, the EEOC and GM reached a $42.4 favorite precipitation in which GM promised to advance women and minorities into address positions. Since then, the troop has never swerved from that attempt at inclusiveness. Today GM garners laud as a troop that far exceeds lawful standards for similar encroachment occasion. Directions Read the vignette “General Motors’ Commitment to Diversity” at the end of Chapter 3. Imagine that you are a consultant to GM and feel been asked to acceleration them test ways to relinquish discernment. Write a 500-word employment memo to GM start echoing the questions beneath. Follow the memo format in the Employment Memo stance supposing near. Note that APA diction is NOT required for employment memos. Of the activities and accomplishments feeling in this circumstance, test which activities General Motors needs to do in direct to confront lawful requirements and which go more lawful requirements. Identify at last three ways General Motors can relinquish illawful discernment.