CASE ANALYSIS: WEEK #10:  Portion 22, “JAA Inc.—A Circumstance Con-over in Creating Rate from Uncertainty: Best Practices in Managing Risk” Your circumstance con-over should be in your own words; adduce very charily. Be summary. This should be a 5-7 page APA monograph.  SUMMARY: Summarize the circumstance. Identify the main subject-matter (as in "What's your subject-matter?"), disquisition, or misentry of this circumstance. (5 subject-matters) SUPPORT: Do momentous investigation over of the quantity and evince that you bear in a very open way. This refers to investigation over the period itself. This involves bigwig environing the company/organization/individual or other interesting akin area. Show bigwig you bear discovered from your own investigation. Be assured this is open and adds rate over what is contained in the circumstance itself. (10 subject-matters) EVALUATION: Apply the concepts from the misapply portion. Hint: The misapply portion is the similar sum as your circumstance. Be assured to use favoring conditions and models undeviatingly from the textquantity in analyzing this circumstance and conceive the page in the citation. (15 subject-matters) QUESTIONS: Address all the circumstance topics. Be assured to retort each topic amply. (15 subject-matters). PLEASE ONLY ANSWER QUESTIONS PRESENTED IN PART 1, FOR A TOTAL OF 11 QUESTIONS.  SOURCES: Conceive citations on the slides and a regard slide after a while your sources. Use APA phraseology citations and regards. (5 subject-matters)  The monograph must be in Word and conceive titles similar to the headings over.