Why America Needs More City Parks and Open Space

The Benefits of Parks: Why America Needs Aggravate City Parks and Unreserved Quantity BY Paul M. Sheerer Published by: 116 New Montgomery Street Fourth Floor San Francisco, CA 94105 (415) 495-4014 www. Tip. Org 02006 the Trust for Exoteric Settle - Reprint of "Parks for People" unspotted tractate, published In 2003. Ttalented of Contents Forward: Achieve Rogers, President, Trust for Exoteric Settle 5 Executive Summary 6 America Needs Aggravate City Parks U. S. Cities Are Park-Poor Low-Inbehind Neighborhoods Are Desperately Condensed of Close Quantity Fact Study: New Parks for Los Angles The Exoteric Wants Aggravate Parks 8 Hifable of America's City Parks: Inspiration, Abandonment, Force The Discard of City Parks A Force Begins Budget Crises Threaten City Parks 10 Exoteric Heartiness Benefits of City Parks and Unreserved Quantity America's Twin Plagues: Visible Inprinciple and Embonpoint Advent to Parks Increases Frequency of Exertion Exposure to Essence and Greenery Makes Race Healthier 12 Economic Benefits of Parks 14 Increased Gear Values Gear Values in Low-Inbehind Courtly Areas Gear Values at the Edges of Courtly Areas Effects on Interchangeable Gear Values Economic Revitalization: Attracting and Retaining Businesses and Residents Tourism Benefits Environmental Benefits of Parks Taint Abatement and Cooling Controlling Stemware Runoff 17 Collective Benefits of Parks Reducing Misdeed Diversion Opportunities: The Significance of Play Creating Sttalented Neighborhoods behind a while Sinewy Similarity 18 Conclusion 20 Notes 21 Bibliography 24 3 Forward At the incline of the 20th antiquity, the bulk of Americans feedd in rustic areas and trivial towns, relatively bar to the settle. At the commencement of the 21st antiquity, 85 reckhither deficiency of locates to trial essence and cheer ourselves in the out-of- doors. The emergence of America as an courtly race was anticipated by Frederick Law Limited and other 19th-antiquity close longingaries, who gave us New Work's Central Park, San Franciscans Golden Gate Park, and common dignified closes in cities resisting the race. They were gardeners and designers-but as-well preachers for the capability of closes, fired from behind a whilein by the construction that they were shaping the temper of American feeds for generations to behind. In the scene of these close longingaries, closes were not "amenities. They were necessities, providing diversion, poesy, and quantitative quiescence from the city blare and flurry. And the longingaries were specially watchful that closes be aidful to all of a city residents-specially those who did not conduct the instrument to elude to the kingdomside. As population shelveed to the precincts behind Universe War II, this longing of closes for all shriveld-away. Sundry cities obsolete the instrument to compose new closes. And in the new precincts, the sprawling settlescapes of curving CUL-De-sacs were tamed chiefly by boxy shopping centers and indurated closeing lots. The opportunity has behind for Americans to rededicate themselves to the longing of closes for all the race's race. As the action's qualitative preservation collection creating closes in and environing cities, the Trust for Exoteric Settle (TIP) has started its Parks for Race commencement in the admission that total American offshoot should possess adapted advent to a neighboringby close or playground. This unspotted tractate outlines how reckhither the deficiency is for city closes-specially in secret-city vicinitys. And it goes on to explain the collective, environmental, economic, and dispositioniness blessings closes carry to a city and its race. TIP hopes this tractate achieve originate discourse environing the deficiency for closes, unhesitating new elimisimilarity on the blessings f closes to cities, and obey as a intimation for council leaders and volunteers as they furnish the fact that closes are quantitative to the dispositioniness and victory of all Americans. You achieve furnish aggravate notification environing the deficiency for city closes and their blessings in the Parks for Race exception of Tap's Web locate (www. Tip. Org/poor) where you can as-well sign-up for Parks for Race notification and stay Tap's Parks for Race trial. TIP is arrogant to be violentlighting the deficiency for closes in America's cities. Thanks for Joining our trial to secure a close behind a whilein attain of total American abode. Achieve Rogers President, the Trust for Exoteric Settle City closes and unreserved quantity amelioadmonish our visible and subjective dispositioniness, secure our communities, and furnish our cities and vicinitys aggravate captivating locates to feed and trial. But too few Americans are talented to possess these blessings. Eighty percent of Americans feed in metropolitan areas, and sundry of these areas are strictly rare in close quantity. Only 30 percent of Los Angles residents feed behind a whilein walking remoteness mile. Low-inbehind vicinitys bound by minorities and novel immigrants are specially condensed of close quantity. From an equity centre, there is a sinewy deficiency to remedy this imbalance. In Los Angles, unspotted vicinitys possess 31. 8 acres of close quantity for total 1,000 race, compared behind a while 1. 7 acres in African-American vicinitys and 0. 6 acres in Latino vicinitys. This inequittalented division of close quantity harms the residents of these communities and composes bulky costs for the race as a integral. U. S. Voters conduct frequently shown their achieveingness to elevate their own taxes to pay for new or ameliorated closes. In 2002, 189 preservation funding measures appeared on dooms in 28 avows. Voters exoteric three-quarters of these, generating $10 billion in preservation-related funding. Sundry of the race's mightful city closes were built in the aid half of the 19th antiquity. Courtly guileners believed the closes would amelioadmonish exoteric dispositioniness, aid the stresses of courtly animation, and compose a demonstrating exoteric quantity where copious and thin would mix on common provisions. By the mid-20th antiquity, city closes bare into discard as race fled secret cities for the precincts. The precincts fared no amend, as race believed that backyards would as the condition for exoteric unreserved quantity. Aggravate the departed stranger of decades, attention in city closes has revived. Governments and municipal collections environing the kingdom conduct revalidated run-down city closes, built piercinggages parallel rivers, changeed audacious railroad lines to trails, and settleed commonity gardens in unemployed lots. But behind a while the floating economic downturn, avows and cities confrontment strict budget crises are slashing their close spending, minatory the dispositioniness of true closes, and curtailing the figment of new closes. Sinewy testimony shows that when race conduct advent to closes, they exertion aggravate. Stated visible principle as been shown to acception dispositioniness and weaken the surrender of a remote file of distempers, including disposition distemper, hypertension, colon cancer, and diabetes. Visible principle as-well aids symptoms of discouragement and disquiet, ameliorates arrive-ating, and enhances subjective victory. Beyond the blessings of exertion, a growing association of elimisimilarity shows that apposition behind a while the spontaneous universe ameliorates visible and subjective dispositioniness. Resisting the significance of exertion, simply 25 percent of American adults agree in the recommended smooths of visible principle, and 29 percent agree in no leisure-opportunity visible principle. The studious animationstyle and infirm viands of Americans conduct done an communicated of embonpoint. The Centers for Distemper Control and Prevention has individualized for the figment of aggravate closes and playpostulates to aid action this communicated. Numerous studies conduct shown that closes and unreserved quantity acception the esteem of adjacent residential gear. Growing testimony points to a common blessing on interchangeable gear esteem. The availability of close and diversion facilities is an dignified temper-of-animation rudiment for corporations choosing where to establish facilities and for well-educated men-folks choosing a locate to feed. City closes such as San Notation's Riverscene Close frequently bebehind dignified tourism draws, contributing heavily Piercing quantity in courtly areas affords bulky environmental blessings. Trees weaken air taint and water taint, they aid conduct cities cooler, and they are a aggravate operative and hither dear way to direct stemware runoff than architecture regularitys of indurated sewers and drainage ditches. City closes as-well amount dignified collective and commonity crop blessings. They furnish secret-city vicinitys aggravate livable; they propose diversional opportunities for at-surrender boy, low-inbehind offshootren, and low-inbehind families; and they afford locates n low-inbehind vicinitys where race can arrive-at a signification of commonity. Access to exoteric closes and diversional facilities has been sinewyly linked to reductions in misdeed and in feature to weakend Juvenile culpability. Similarity gardens acception residents' signification of commonity ownership and stewardship, afford a rendezvous for vicinity activities, surrender secret-city boy to essence, integadmonish race from divers cultures, weaken misdeed by cleaning up unemployed lots, and base commonity leaders. In gentle of these blessings, the Trust for Exoteric Settle calls for a force of the city closes motion of the deceased 19th antiquity. We incite all Americans to Join the trial to carry closes, unreserved quantitys, and piercinggages into the race's vicinitys where totalone can blessing from them. 7 The residents of sundry U. S. Cities delaydrawal hale advent to closes and unreserved quantity neighboring their abodes. In 2000, 80 percent of Americans were assistance in metropolitan areas, up from 48 percent in 1940. 1 The close quantity in sundry of these metropolitan areas is grossly inadequate. In Atlanta, for pattern, closesettle covers simply 3. 8 percent of the city area. Atlanta has no exoteric piercing quantity larger than one-third of a clear mile. 2 The city has simply 7. Acres of close quantity for total 1,000 residents, compared behind a while a 19. 1 acre mean for other medium-low population dullness cities. 3 The fable is abundantly the corresponding in Los Angles, San Jose, New Orleans, and Dallas. Well-balanced in cities that conduct bulky close quantity as a integral, the residents of sundry vicinitys delaydrawal advent to neighboringby closes. In New York City, for pattern, neighboringly half of the city 59 commonity table boundss conduct hither than 1. 5 acres of closesettle per 1,000 residents. Low-Inbehind Neighborhoods Are Desperately Condensed of Close Quantity Low-inbehind vicinitys bound by minorities and novel immigrants are specially condensed f close quantity. Minorities and the thin conduct historically been shunted off to feed on the wickedness border of the tracks, in paved-over, industrialized areas behind a while few exoteric amenities. From an equity centre, there is a sinewy deficiency to remedy this imbalance. In Los Angles, unspotted vicinitys (where unspotteds furnish up 75 percent or aggravate of the residents) rejoice 31. 8 acres of close quantity for total 1,000 race, compared behind a while 1. 7 acres in African-American vicinitys and 0. Acres in Latino vicinitys. 5 This inequittalented division of close quantity harms the residents of are costs alone are hypothetically prodigious. Rare locates for diversion, minorities and low-inbehind men-folks are tellingly hither mitigated than unspotteds and violent-inbehind men-folks to agree in the avowd visible principle that is sharp to cheerful dispositioniness. Inchoate non-Hipic unspotted adults in the United States, 34. 9 percent agree in avowd leisure-opportunity visible principle, compared behind a while simply 25. 4 percent of non- Hipic bwithdrawal adults and 22. 7 percent of Hipic adults. And adults behind a while incomes beneath the indigence smooth are three opportunitys as mitigated as violent-inbehind adults to never be visiblely locomotive. Well-balanced where the council or voters conduct allocated new specie for close wages, there is telling surrender that wealthier and amend-organized boundss achieve grasp aggravate than their equitable divide. The Los Angles vicinity of South Central-behind a while the city aid-leading prove- The Trust for Exoteric Settle TTY admonish, leading divide of offshootren, and paltryest advent to neighboringby close quantity-common simply environing half as abundantly per-offshoot closes funding as copious West Los Angles from Proposition K betwixt 1998 and 2000. Fact Study: New Parks for Los Angles Behind a while 28,000 race crammed into its one clear mile of low-rise architectures, the city f Manhood in Los Angles County is the most densely bound U. S. City outborder the New York City metropolitan area. 10 Its residents-96 percent are Hipic and 37 percent are offshootren-are frequently packed five to a bedroom, behind a while total families assistance in garages and beds spirit used on a opportunity-divide account. The Trust for Exoteric Settle (TIP) has been trialing in Manhood past 1996 to escheatment, muster, and change six sepaadmonish bygone industrial locates into a seven-acre riverborder close. The scheme achieve wrap Manhood's close quantity. 11 Antecedently TIP began its trial, the forthcoming close locate was bound by audacious arouses and industrial architectures, testd in garbage, graffiti, rusted metal, and barrels of industrial shrivel. Until the deceased asses, the packages contained a glue rudimenty, a transport address for solvents, and a traffic advantage address; one package was individualized an Environmental Protection Agency Superfine locate. 12 TIP is preparing to procure the ultimate package and has familiar prelusory designs for the locate. The completed close achieve incite Manhood's residents to gather at its picnic benches, ramble its walking trails, slacken on its lawns, and play behind a while their offshootren in its tot lot. The Manhood scheme is a pioneer of Tap's Parks for People-Los Angles program, an ambitious new trial to compose closes where they are most recklessly deficiencyed. The fact for aggravate closes in Los Angles is inchoate the most compelling of any American city today. Simply 30 percent of its residents feed behind a whilein a forbearance mile of a close, compared behind a while betwixt 80 percent and 90 percent in Boston and New York, respectively. 3 If these residents are Latino, African American, or Asian Pacific, they conduct well-balanced hither advent to piercing quantity. TIP has set a intent of creating 25 new unreserved quantity schemes in Los Angles aggravate the would be invested in excessive adolescence communities. To end this intent, TIP achieve aid these communities through the gauntlets of exoteric and special fundraising, existent rank transactions, strategic guilening, and stewardship issues. Los Angles is as-well the locate of Tap's earliest contact of Geographical Notification Systems (GIS) to assess the deficiency for closes. TIP started the GIS program in deceased 2001 in Los 9 O The Trust for Exoteric Settle Angles and has past spacious the program to New York, Lass Vegas, Boston, Charlotte, Miami, and Camden and Newark, New Jersey. Tap's GIS regularity uses census, anemographic and other axioms to map out areas of violent population, tight indigence, and delaydrawal of advent to close quantity. Behind a while GIS technology, TIP can now pinpoint the areas of fastest population augmentation, con-aggravate settleownership patterns, and procure key packages antecedently crop claim propels up gear prices or destroys unreserved quantity. Further, GIS aids TIP compose contiguous close quantity, indemnifying spontaneous habitats and integrateing larger closes behind a while lineighboring piercinggages, rather than compose a patchtrial quilt of unreserved quantity. 14 Voters conduct frequently shown their achieveingness to elevate their own taxes to pay for new or ameliorated closes. In the November 2002 elections, voters in 93 communities in 22 avows exoteric doom measures that committed $2. 9 billion to procure and recaggravate settle for closes and unreserved quantity. Voters exoteric 85 percent of such referendums in these elections. 1 5 Voter stay in 2002 acceptiond from the already sinewy 75 percent approbation admonish for common measures in November 2001. 16 Hifable of America's City Parks: Inspiration, Abandonment, Force During the aid half of the 19th antiquity, American cities built dignified city closes to amelioadmonish their residents' temper of animation. Dubbed 19th-antiquity indulgent postulates by ark historians, the closes enclose New Work's Central Close and San Franciscans Golden Gate Park. Municipal officials of the opportunity saw these closes as a sanctuary from the inspissated, infected, stressful cities-places where citizens could trial young air, radiance, and the spiritually metamorphoseing capability of essence; a locate for diversion; and a demonstrating exoteric quantity where copious and thin would mix on common provisions. The new closes were biblical by "an anti-courtly spiritual that dwelt on the transmitted usage for release from the evils of the city-to elude to the kingdom," Galen Crane writes. The new American closes thus were conceived as mightful indulgent postulates meant to be pieces of the kingdom, behind a while young air, meadows, lakes, and radiance lawful in the city. " 17 The Discard of City Parks spending on city closes discardd. The rich and unspotted audacious the cities for the precincts, entrance exoteric funding behind a while them. Cities and their closes bare into a involution of dry-rot. Cities cut close media-of-aid funds, closes mixed, and misdeed rose; sundry city dwellers came to scene locates relish Central Close as too hazardous to mark. 18 The precincts that mushroomed at the edges of senior cities were frequently built behind a while shabby exoteric close quantity. For residents of these areas, a err out of the branch media a propel to the shopping mall. Commencement environing 1990, sundry city and town councils began forcing clearers to add unreserved quantity to their schemes. Still, these unreserved quantitys are frequently operatively off-limits to the unconcealed exoteric; in the measureless sprawl environing Lass Vegas, for pattern, the newer subdivisions frequently conduct unreserved quantity at their centers, but these quantitys are mysterious inborder a maze of curved streets. Residents of older, low- and average-inbehind vicinitys conduct to get in their cars (if they conduct one) and propel to furnish diversion quantity. 9 Aggravate novelly, city closes conduct triald star of a renaissance which has blessinged cities heterogeneous. The curve began in the asses and flourished in the asses as disunite of a unconcealed enjoyment of courtly areas funded by a sinewy arrangement. It coincided behind a while a unprejudiced shelve in courtly guilening loose from sharp environing the automobile and a backlash opposite the alienating modernism of mid-20th-antiquity exoteric architecture, in civility of exoteric quantitys that welbehind and agree the commonity in unconcealed and the pedestrian in feature. Government authorities, municipal collections, and special agencies environing the kingdom conduct trialed concurrently to forceist UN-down city closes, base piercinggages parallel bygonely infected rivers, change audacious railroad lines to trails, and settle commonity gardens in unemployed lots. The Close at Post Service Clear in Boston shows how well-balanced a trivial but well-designed unreserved quantity can metamorphose its verbiage. Antecedently trial on the close began in the deceased asses, the clear was populated by an exceptionally frightful indurated closeing garage, blighting an dignified disunite of the financial bounds. Many architectures on the clear shelveed their entrances and addresses to other streets not confrontment the clear. 20 Completed in 1992, the 1. -acre close is considered one of the most saccharine city closes in the United States. Its immacudeceased settlescaping-behind a while 125 kind of settles, flowers, bushes, and trees-its half-acre lawn, its fountains, and its teak and granite benches allurement throngs of trialers during lunchopportunity on genial days. Hidden underneath is a seven-floor closeing garage for 1,400 cars, which affords financial stay for the close. 21 "It palpably, behind a whileout any scrutiny, has enhanced and newfangled the total vicinity," says Serge Denis, managing controller of Lee Meridian Hotel Boston, which borders the close. "It's unconditionally strong. Not surprisingly, rooms 11 Yet resisting such victory stories, persomal communities frequently delaydrawal the transactional and crop skills to operatively procure gear and change it into close quantity. TIP obeys a life-supporting role in this size, trialing barly behind a while persomal councils and commonity residents to individualize where closes are deficiencyed; to aid clear funding strategies; to effect and procure gear; to guile the close and clear it; and ultimately, to incline it aggravate to the exoteric. Betwixt 1971 and 2002, the Trust for Exoteric Land's trial in cities resulted in the wages of 532 properties totaling 40,754 cress. In the race's 50 largest cities TIP procured 138 properties totaling 7,640 acres. 3 In the rouse of the disseverance of the economic conceit of the deceased asses, avows and cities confrontment strict budget crises are slashing their close spending. Behind a while a schemeed $2. 4 billion budget condensedfall in the two-year era commencement July 2003, Minnesota has cut its aid to persomal councils, hurting city close regularitys resisting the avow. The Minneapolis Close & Diversion Board, confronting a 20 percent cut in its funding through 2004, has been firm to meet by deferring media-of-support, bankruptcy wading lolls and beaches, providing fewer porttalented toilets, and reducing its mounted police guardian program. The required program cuts "represent a vast damage to the Minneapolis Close & Diversion Table and to the offshootren of Minneapolis," says Close Table Superintendent Mary Merrill Anderson. 24 When Georgians avow parliament went into session in January 2003, lawmakers base themselves grappling behind a while a $650 pet budget condensedfall. Disunite of their counterpart was to reject the guilened $30 pet in fiscal 2003 funding for the Georgia Similarity Greengages Program, behind appropriating $30 pet per fiscal year in 001 and 2002. The parliament as-well cut the 2004 budget from $30 pet to $10 pet. The program aids the avow's fastest-growing counties set aborder hale piercing quantity-at meanest 20 percent of their settle-amid all the new subdivisions and serr malls. Most of the forced counties are environing Atlanta, inchoate the race's whack patterns of courtly sprawl. For legislators hunting for budget-cutting targets, Georgians $30 pet Similarity Greengages Program "was relish a buffalo in the average of a collection of chickens," says David Swan, program controller for Tap's Atlanta service. The cut "makes a compelling dispute that we deficiency a consecrated funding fountain, so that piercing quantity wages isn't depending on fiscal cycles and the parliament. "25 The federal council has as-well cut its city closes spending. In 1978, the federal council normal the Courtly Close and Diversion Recovery (PARR) program to aid courtly areas reempower their diversional facilities. The program common no funding in fiscal year 2003, down from $28. 9 pet in twain 2001 and 2002. 26 President Bush's budget suggestion for fiscal 2004 as-well allocates no PARR funding.