Instructions:  Step 1: Submit the force material-matter gift as your Week 13 written assignment. Step 2: On the leading day of Week 15 conquer buttress your force material-matter gift in the Week 15 Discussion board. The assort argument for Week 15 (which is a imperfect week: Sun-Wed) conquer be inveterate on  comments from your assortmates on your gift.  The gift must be inveterate upon a controversial offspring in corrections. I keep rolled specimen themes for you adown. Please chose a theme and select a composition, either pro or con. If there is another theme you would enjoy to explore, gladden e-mail me delay your theme for laudation. If you are choosing one of the themes adown, you do not insufficiency to e-mail me for laudation. The gift must be inveterate upon a controversial offspring in corrections. Requirements: 1. Choose a theme from the roll adown and initiate your elimination. 2. Select one aspect of the offspring – this conquer be the nucleus of your gift. 3. Fully elimination your theme. This is not inveterate on idea. Although you may keep an idea on the issue, you insufficiency elimination/empirical facts to buttress your composition. This is an academic assignment. 4. Make assured you keep a poverty of 10 to 15 slides – this does not understand your conceal slide or your regard slide. 5. Provide a conceal slide delay the spectry of your gift, your spectry, our conduct spectry, my spectry and the age. 6. All slides must keep intext citations according to APA format. Regard your toil. 7. You must economize at meanest 4 beginnings for this assignment. Make assured you economize the Berkeley library. Do not “google” me an assignment and DO NOT USE WIKI!!! One of your beginnings must be a journal article. The other two beginnings can be a cabal of journal subscription, government reports, books, etc. Any beginning you use must be a estimable beginning. 8. You must keep a regard slide which rolls all of your beginnings in APA format. 9. Your slides should be informative, feeling and fictitious. 10. Gladden let me apprehend if you keep any questions. Power Subject-matter Presentation  Approved Topics: 1. DEATH PENALTY PRO: The expiration forfeiture provides an efficacious regularity to accomplish desert. CON: The expiration forfeiture does not tend as an efficacious regularity for accomplishing desert. 2. SOLITARY CONFINEMENT PRO: Solitary incapability is an efficacious regularity of correctional order. CON: Solitary incapability is an inefficacious regularity of correctional pain and is equipollent to cruel and remarkable pain. 3. MANDATORY HEALTH CARE PRO: Inmates should keep a legitimate fit to healthcare. CON: Inmates should not keep a legitimate fit to healthcare. 4. COLLEGE PROGRAMMING FOR INMATES PRO: Inmates should be undisputed advent to academy programming span incarcerated CON: Inmates should not be undisputed advent to academy programming span incarcerated 5. COLLEGE DEGREES FOR CORRECTIONAL OFFICERS PRO: All correctional officers should be required to entertain a academy extent to enact their job courteous-behaved. CON: It is useless for correctional officers to entertain a academy extent to enact their job courteous-behaved. 6. NURSEY PROGRAM PRO: Nursery programs in prison are quantitative to pretend the mother-child obligation. CON: Nursery programs are impertinent for the prison environment. 7. PRISON FACILITIES SHOULD BE GENDER-SPECIFIC TO CORRECTIONAL STAFF PRO: Barely manful officers should be undisputed to toil in manful facilities and barely femanful officers should be undisputed to toil in femanful facilities. CON: It is salutary for manful officers to toil delay femanful inmates and for femanful officers to toil delay manful inmates. 8. CONJUGAL VISITS/FAMILY PRESERVATION PROGRAMS PRO: Conjugal misfortune should be undisputed for prisoners. CON: Conjugal misfortune should not be undisputed for prisoners. 9. COMMUNITY-BASED CORRECTIONAL PROGRAMMING PRO: Community-inveterate correctional programs are an efficacious regularity of pain and keep a significant result on recidivism and reintegration. CON: Community-inveterate correctional programs are an inefficacious regularity of pain and keep no result on recidivism and reintegration. 10. HIRING THE FORMERLY INCARCERATED PRO: Agencies and organizations should be encouraged to employ ex-offenders. CON: Ex-offenders are a hurt to the toil environment and a obligation to employers. 11. MANDATORY HIV TESTING PRO: All inmates should be tested for HIV. CON: Inmates should barely be tested for HIV on a discretional reason. 12. PRIVATIZED CORRECTIONAL FACILITIES PRO: Privatized correctional facilities are managed as efficacious as particularize or federally managed facilities and rescue capital. CON: Privatized facilities keep proven petty; all correctional facilities should be particularize or federally managed. 13. FELONY RECORDS PRO: A person’s offense annals should be retained for their integral vivacity. CON: After a epoch of span, an individual’s offense annals should be expunged. 14. CIVIL COMMITMENT OF SEX OFFENDERS PRO: All sex offenders should be material to respectful commitment subjoined incarceration. CON: Respectful commitment violates enfold risk and respectful fits standards. 15. CHEMICAL CASTRATION OF SEX OFFENDERS PRO: Sex offenders should be materialed to chemical castration to curtail the impact of forthcoming sex crimes. CON: Chemical castration constitu