Module 14: How do I set realistic career goals?

#GOALS. We all keep them, but this isn't justeous encircling having goals and achieving them; this module is encircling covet direct goals and how to manipulate them. In the definite module we discussed contrast SMART goals and how that can succor you just behind rank. Lets behold prefer down the row of your success's trajectory and determine you are contrast yourself up for covet-direct endment. Learning Objectives After endmentful substance of this module, you end be efficacious to: Develop and support endmentful covet direct goals that pair your desired success method and functional goals. Understand your own functional bud method wants to be assessed frequently behind your narrow direct next goals (principal full-time position behind graduating) are endd in direct to end covet direct goals. Submit: Using SMART goals as a manage, exhibit your 3-year contrivance post-rank contrivance. ( my 3 goals are improving a CPA (Certified Common Accounting), improving a CIA (Certified Internal Auditor), and amplify and spread my family's duty using the two announcement certifications) Limit your PowerPoint exhibitation to no past than 5 slides Utilize video and/or audio to augment your exhibitation Uploads want to be PC welldisposed (No Mac files) If using a identical statement on a video streaming labor, lapse must be set to common. Be creative! Before creating the Power Point exhibitation, fascinate re-examination the aftercited two links: