ancient greece and rome

In Paper 5 you earn debate the swings of Old Greek and Roman arts, ideas and innovations in our humanization today.  You earn select 1 copy from each of these categories for twain societies, make-known the pristine countenance and clear-up how you respect a ordinary application.  In this way, you earn debate 6 total copys in twain their pristine constitute and their coeval custom. Arts- includes, but is not scant to: painting, plastic-work, voice, dance, structure, voice, enterprise (theater), poetry and literature Ideas- includes, but is not scant to: philosophy, theology and politics/government Innovations- includes, but is not scant to: or-laws and unimaginative advances, engineering/technical discoveries and changes in political practices. Paragraph 1: Introduction — say what you are going to do and fulfill the copys you are going to perpend (designate them). Paragraph 2: Example 1 — colloquy encircling your chief part and its significance in its pristine collection (Greek or Roman). Explore how you see this copy applied in our coeval humanization Paragraph 3 -7: Go through the selfselfsame process after a while the fostering copys. Paragraph 8: Conclusion - which of the overhead copys seems most suggestive to you?  Do you hold most mass reap how greatly these old societies swing coeval values and humanization?  Was this, in reality, a new realization for you?