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  As a counselor advising clients or students in success decisions, you  procure use tributes and inventories to aid them engender success cunnings.  For this assignment, you procure deliberate yourself as the client, solve  the tributes you fulld in Units 3, 4, and 6 in the Success  Exploration Workbook, and engender a success cunning delay possessionable steps.  Use your fulld Success Exploration Workbook as a regard to  full this brochure. Although you are using yourself as the client, be indisputable to transcribe from  the third-peculiar top of estimate. Address the aftercited aspects in your  assignment: Client Profile Describe the client's identifying notice such as age, pursuit,  gender, source, production foothold, counselal contrast, vulgar counselal  status, et cetera. Describe the presenting issues (as you would infer from an intake interestimate delay yourself). Be indisputable to transcribe from the third-peculiar top of estimate. Results of Assessments Personality:      16-Type Jungian Personality Test: Identify your client's preferences (E/I, S/N, T/F, J/P). Big 5 Personality Theory: Identify your client's scores in-reference-to  extroversion, fairness, agreeableness, neuroticism, entireness. Values:       Identify your client's top five values from the card designation. Interest Assessment:      Identify your client's foremost categories in realistic, investigative, choice, political, adventurous, and customary. Interpretation of Assessments:      Connect the tribute results to the presenting issues. What themes emerged? Use your reflectings from the Success Exploration Workbook to aid you full this minority. Analyze the fitness of the inventories and tributes  completed in appurtenancy to the client's developmental station and form. Professional Assets:      Assess your client's grafting, counsel, and negotiative and originate experiences in appurtenancy to his or her success goals. Career Options:      Identify 2–3 job titles that equality your client's skills and interests. Describe the counsel and or grafting needed, the calling trends, and expected allowance for each job. Individual Success Plan Create a success cunning for this peculiar tender impertinent. Include in  your cunning your client form, goals, and an possession cunning. Use an development  success cunning from your extract or discover one that you affect on your own. Personal Reflection Describe what you conversant about yourself in this practice and how you procure use this apprehension in your specialization. As sunder of your reflecting, assess your negotiative limitations as a success counselor. Your brochure should be 4–6 pages delay at last impure regards, written  in third-peculiar top of estimate, and aftercited APA format. Include your  completed Success Exploration Workbook as a addition to this  assignment. Reestimate the Individual Success Cunning Scoring Guide for the  detailed grading expectations of this assignment.