medicine major

want aid after a while 8 reports to do.  1-Oral medicine: sickle cell anemia A) to eliminate clinical features , personality and dental address of patients after a while leukemia 2- endo: axiom of endodontic need: A) preoperative axioms B)intraoperative axioms C)postoperative axioms 3- urban: need in urban prosthodontics; A) warrant the unimpassioned need ( discerption, chipping of ceramics) B) warrant the chemical need C) warrant the symbolical need D) warrant the periodontal need E) warrant the decent length of treatment 4- operative: materials and techniques of relatability of distant symbolical restoration: A) materials and techniques used for relit of distant symbolical restorations and their limitations 5- perio: minimally invasive techniques for treatment of gingival recession: A) sensible subsequently the minimally invasive concept B) draw the techniques C) sign cognate to theses techniques in comparison to the social flaps 6-research: delicate appraisal tools and initiative construct: A) determine delicate appraisal B) warrant the divergent tools used for delicate appraisal C) draw the GATE construct and RamboMan 7- radiology: cone gleam computed tomography (cbct): A) basic axiom and conception formatting B) habit and limitations 8 - stubborn address: force address: A) types of force ( indirect force , positivity force) , types of forceors ( manifest, interior), symptoms of force, force cognate illnesses