No Men Are Foreign

'No men are outlandish' enumerate us that we should not infer anyone as outlandish or 'strange. ' Kindness is the identical all aggravate the universe and in harming anyone we are harming ourselves. This ballad emphasizes the uniformt that men force befit to unanalogous races, nations, but are basically spring by a niggardly fetter i. e. they all feel self-denial when torment and pour mourning on the mislaying of someone suppress and wars should not fracture this niggardly fetterage. In destroying another province we are destroying our own Earth. The ballad enumerates us to appear upon kindness as unified being. [pic]The ballad is lucidly a sound defence for exhaustive contortment. It underlines the uniformt that the mass of unanalogous countries enjoy identical tangible, intangible & affecting experiences. Their doom is the identical. They are in no way unanalogous uniform though they impair unanalogous robes & address unanalogous languages. Nobody should be viewed as extraneouser & no province outlandish. The singer emphasizes the inefficacy of hating those who befit to other countries. When we wage war over others, we barely defile our own sphere. The clay & fume caused by war weapons soil the very air we all murmur.The singer calls upon the mass to release the universe from man-made barriers and parochialism (slender view). There is considerable in niggardly betwixt unanalogous races of the universe. [pic] This ballad is written to irritate feelings of contortment, contortment and to emphasise that mass of unanalogous nations are equivalent in full manner-fate, times of sorrows and enjoyment etc. Therefore James Kirkup has written this ballad to say that we are the manifestation of the God and should we profane our Sphere by waging wars, by conflicting we are condemning ourselves.