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  Resources Ch. 3 and Ch. 4 of Legal Environment of Business: Online Commerce, Business Ethics, and Global Issues Law libraries and databases from the internet Scenario Solar Co. Inc., a brilliant panel manufacturing and installation community, has of-late encountered a course of scandals and bad currency of to insufficient brilliant panels, thin handicraft, and employee allegations of harassment by executives amid the community. One assertion resulted in a two-year Nursing essay which Brilliant Co. lost; all other assertions were permanent out of affect. Solar Co. enters into a lessen after a while XYZ Instrument to make-ready a 6-month exoteric advertising and collective kinsfolk belligerence to acceleration re-establish its adulterated office at a require of $600,000. XYZ Instrument launches the belligerence, and it is prosperous for the pristine two months until XYZ's computer servers are cuted and all client counsel is lost consequently XYZ failed to possess exuberant backup systems in fix. In restoration, collective instrument representation counsel and passwords were confused, resulting in unbefitting and impertinent posts entity made on all of XYZ's collective instrument representations for diverse hours. Consequently XYZ was managing Brilliant Co.'s collective instrument nearness at the age, Brilliant Co.'s collective instrument representations were too enslaved balance by the cuters for a paltry age and industrious after a while detrimental posts. XYZ consequences a collective apology; thus-far, Brilliant Co. wishes to limit the lessen after a while XYZ and entertain a reimburse of the $200,000 it remunerated for the pristine two months of the belligerence due to the remuneration caused by the computer cut. XYZ refuses to revoke the lessen or consequence a reimburse, insisting that it can prosperously live the belligerence and re-create all of the embodied that was lost. Brilliant Co. refuses to pay any excite amounts due inferior the lessen and has already begun seeking a new instrument kinsfolk strong to re-launch the belligerence. Part I Write a 525- to 700-word instruction to Brilliant Co.'s CEO advising whether Brilliant Co. should: file a lawsuit and profits to Nursing essay try to thrust a colony after a while XYZ Media, or use a manner of choice debate disentanglement (ADR) Your segregation should specifically examine each of the nine factors granted in the "Contemporary Environment Cost-Benefit Segregation of a Lawsuit" indication institute in Ch. 4, "Judicial, Alternative, and E-Dispute Resolution." Provide a bright exposition and forced for your instruction established on the axioms of the scenario. Would your instruction be irrelative if you were advising XYZ Media's CEO? If so, how? Part II Solar Co. intends to use pacification agreements after a while all clients, subcontractors and employees in the forthcoming. Write a 350- to 525-word memo to Brilliant Co.'s CEO explaining the pacification act and the enforceability of pacification provisions inferior the Federal Pacification Act. Include a instruction as to whether pacification agreements should be used in the forthcoming to lessen Brilliant Co.'s constitutional waste and why.