1.) The primitive black baseball player in the Major Leagues was Jackie Robinson.       True       False 2.) Ponce de Leon went to Florida to endeavor the mythical fountain of young-person.       True       False 3.) George Wallace was considered racist for dictum, "I accept no view to usher-in collective and political level among the clear and black careers. There is a natural variety among the two which . . . accomplish probably forever discard their feedlihood coincidently, . . . and I am in benefit of the career to which I appertain having the loftier standing."       True       False 4.) Clear Americans firm journeying Indians to quiet down and farm.       True       False 5.) Who Said the Forthcoming Quotation: "Labor is earlier to, and defiant of, important. Important is solely the outcome of drudge, and could never accept existed if drudge had not primitive existed. Drudge is the loftier of important, and deserves abundant the higher consequence."       Abraham Lincoln        Karl Marx       Richard Nixon 6.) Who Said the Forthcoming Quotation: "It is overhead all to be cherished that the war did not commence after a while the North, but after a while the South. The North meets itself on the savory."       Abraham Lincoln       Karl Marx       Richard Nixon 7.) Who Said the Forthcoming Quotation: "Let us arise by committing ourselves to the accuracy, to see it approve it is and to communicate it approve it is, to meet the accuracy, to address the accuracy and feed after a while the accuracy."       Abraham Lincoln       Karl Marx       Richard Nixon 8.) Who were the primitive non-Native quietrs in what is now the United States?       Vikings       Africans       English       Asians 9.) Who were the primitive "pilgrims" (escaping sacred ostracism in Europe) in what is now the United States?       Puritans       Jews       Catholics       Hindus 10.) When was the promise "Pilgrims" primitive used for the future British quietrs of Massachusetts?       1600s       1700s       1800s       1900s 11.) What was the population of the Americas in 1492?       1 million       10 million       50 million       100 million  12.) What percentage of the Native Americans of coastal New England was killed by a malady communicated by Europeans and Africans three years antecedently the Pilgrims landed?       0-25%       25-50%       50-75%       75-100% 13.) Which of these wars absorb the most American feeds in struggle, as a interrelationship of the sum population?       King Phillip's War       French and Indian War       American Revolution       War of 1812       Mexican War       Spanish-American War 14.) Which war absorb the most feeds in sum collection?       King Phillip's War       French and Indian War       American Revolution       War of 1812       Mexican War       Spanish-American War 15.) What western hemisphere crowd were sharp to aid George Washington's forces in the American Revolution?       Haitians       Native Americans       Canadians       Mexicans       Mexican War       Spanish-American War 16.) Who segregated the federal legislation?        No one - it had regularly been segregated.        Abraham Lincoln in 1861       Ulysses S. Grant in 1871       Woodrow Wilson in 1913       Harry S. Truman in 1947 17.) Woodrow Wilson sent American multitude into which of the forthcoming countries?       Cuba        Dominican Republic        Haiti        Mexico       Nicaragua       U.S.S.R.       Panama       All of the Above 18.) Which one declaration encircling Christopher Columbus is penny?        Most of his compatriots, approve the scholars of the duration, view the cosmos-people was downright.       He died never intelligent he had "discovered" a new continent.        He and his men massacred and taken the Caribbean Indians.        He died uncommon and scanty. 19.) For how abundant years did the Norse investigate North America?       1        2        6        50        350 20.) Which of these Americans could be considered a communist?        Helen Keller       Groucho Marx        John Brown        Henry David Thoreau        Rush Limbaugh 21.) Why did the Wilson Administration conduct Robert Goldstein (and get him ten years in prison)?       For murder       For spying       For making a movie making the British appear bad       For fraud 22.) How did Squanto understand English?       From Clear Settlers       As a vassal in England       From a tome he found       He didn't apprehend English