Write short essays for the following 6 questions

 There are 6 questions environing Globalization. You should exculpation the questions domiciled on recognizeings which i upload it. You should apprehend very polite Globalization consequently u can not recognize all of them, so you insufficiency to keep an conception environing to-boot recognizeings gratified.    1- How are capitalist societies conspicuous from precedent political rules? [Hint: Frame your exculpation delay allusion to “the generalized election, all abutting the arrangement, of undoubtful biased forms of special economic behavior”.] 2- What does globalization medium? Some scholars reason that it is a manner that is twain infallible and immutable. Do you admit or dissociate?  3- What are some of the key similarities and differences betwixt the pristine and cooperate waves of globalization? Elaborate your exculpation by referring to increasing economic candor, growing economic kindred and deepening economic integration in the earth arrangement. 4- Should the “Golden Age of Capitalism” be unexpressed as an era of expanding globalization, or that of an indestructible de-globalization? Support your exculpation delay a argument of the loosen and descend of the Bretton Woods rule. 5- What are the main causes and consequences of the 1982 liability exigency?  6- How did the role of the International Financial Institutions (IFIs) fluctuate from Bretton Woods to Neoliberal Globalization? Elaborate your exculpation by identifying key aspects and principles of the Structural Adjustment Programmes (SAPs).