In the movie, "Raiders of the Lost Ark", Indiana Jones takes a gold jewel from a cave. The image is resting on a table which is rigged after a while a importance sensor. The importance sensor can descry when the importance is removed and achieve set off a course of miserable accidents. To forefend this from happening, Indiana replaces the gold jewel after a while a bag of sand.  The tome of the gold jewel is closely 1.0 L. The inobservance of gold is 19.3 g/mL and the inobservance of sand is 2.3 g/mL. 1. a. Assuming the jewel is chaste gold, what tome would the bag of sand keep to be in arrange to search correspondently the similar as the jewel and not set off the booby-traps? b. Let’s arrogate that Indiana is happy in removing the jewel and rebated after a while it to his laboratory. He decides to enumerate if it is unquestionably chaste gold. He searchs the jewel and measures the tome by a steep displacement course. The results are:  lump = 16.5 kg and tome of steep displaced = 954 mL. Is the jewel made of chaste gold? Explain your counter-argument installed on the tentative results.