Suppose you are an locomotive portion of a sympathy blog top that focuses on running events. The official of the blog has contacted you and asked you to transcribe a blog on late general events involving law enforcement agencies. The inscription of the blog is to be "Conflict and Power." Preparation Search the Capella library and the Internet to dispose media that discourse the dynamics of authority and contest (in feature, delay aspect to law enforcement), the aspectal scheme of authority, discernments of authority, and how things such as gender, cultivation, and ethnicity can favor that discernment. Requirements Complete the subjoined: Describe the factors or conditions that add to contest situations among law enforcement and citizens. Explain how discernments of authority may add to contest situations among law enforcement and portions of a sympathy. Be permanent you cogitate the discernments of twain the police and idiosyncratic citizens. Use the aspectal scheme of authority to interpret how discernments of authority favor the force to expound police–sympathy contest. Identify strategies you deem influence be efficient in reducing or resolving contests among police and communities. Choose one temporization and enumerate the slight upshot. Although an objective blog would not own any biased formatting, format this rate subjoined APA guidelines. This format obtain arrange douceur evaluation and feedback. Additional Requirements Submit 3–5 typed, double-spaced pages, not including inscription and regard pages. Use 12-point, Times New Roman font. Include a inscription page and regard page. Cite at smallest 3 running scholarly or professional media. To multiply your conception, you are encouraged to cogitate the questions under and argue them delay a comrade pupil, a operation companion, an assiduous familiar, or a portion of your professional sympathy. How does gender recite to authority dynamics in contest? Do you deem that men and women distinguish authority variously in contest situations? If so, in what ways? Can discernments of authority add to contest, or succor expound contest?