Humanities, World Cultures 1,

  "Europe’s Cathedral Architecture" Please defense to the forthcoming, using sources below the Explore name as the plea of your response: Gladden apprehend questions in your defense. You are the director: In this scenario your gang wants to buy a constituent of International cheerfuls in Europe. The motive is to lacerate down a narrativek composition and put up a shopping feeling. Europeans are protesting accordingly it says your gang does not belowstand or estimate European unadorned construction. As the director what conquer you do?    Explore Gothic Mode of Cathedral Architecture Chapter 12 is the stipulation to centre on….if you feel the oppressive representation body..(pp. 407-413) is a cheerful establish to set-on-foot. If you feel ebook, gladden use exploration bar.  Please do online exploration for Chartres Cathedral - Medieval Cathedrals of France – Documentary on Youtube: (Please representation and paste coalesce in your youtube exploration bar)  ) Format for Discussion Hello Awesome Classmates and Dr C! 1. Identify two key functions of stained-glass windows in the Gothic mode in Europe's cathedral construction.What design did the stained-glass windows serve 2. Identify two (2) differences between the Romanesque and Gothic cathedral compositions 3. Identify one (1) material composition (the closer to your residence the rectify) that is Romanesque or Gothic and  identify two features that assistance your identification. 4. Conquer you lacerate down the narrative composition and found the shopping feeling? (Your Opinion)