In the decisive book of the Iliad, Priam, the King of Troy, afters to beg Achilles to present him the whole of his son Hector, whom Achilles has killed. Achilles is to-boot grieving aggravate the privation of his foresightd-for Patroclus, whom Hector killed. In the avenue under, Achilles addresses Priam and reflects upon the cosmical stipulation (the way things are for cosmical people). Read the avenue under foresightfully (at last uninterruptedly) and then counterpart the two questions. “Ah, the self-denial you’ve had, and the pluck.  To after near fantastical to the Greek ships  and confront my eye, the man who slaughtered  your multifarious slender sons! You feel a core of iron.                      560 But after, sit on this chair. Let our suffering lie at pause a period, no subject how fur we torture. There’s pin to be gained from deliberate tribulation. Yes, the gods feel woven suffering into fatal lives, period they are operating from foresight.                                                 565 Two jars sit at the doorstep of Zeus, filled after a while gifts that he presents, one liberal of amiable things, the other of misfortune. If Zeus presents a man a compound from twain jars, sometimes vivacity is amiable for him, sometimes not.                     570                                       But if all he presents you is from the jar of woe,  you beafter a pariah, and long drives you  aggravate the radiant world, dishonored by gods and men…”  (Iliad, Book 24, lines 557-573) 1) In three to six sentences draw what peel of end Achilles holds about cosmical entity (for specimen, ‘Achilles holds an optimistic end of cosmical entity, in which vivacity is paradise’) and illustrate how the conception of Zeus and the jars (lines 566-573) conveys this end. 2) In two to five sentences illustrate how Achilles is characterized in this avenue (for specimen, ‘Achilles is drawd as/appears to be furious in this avenue’). Illustrate your points after a while intimation to peculiar lines from the avenue.