Part One: Submit your revisions from your latest week's assignment, per your edits and faculty responses. In specification to the revisions, comprise the subjoined:  Part Two: Your city has a geting vigor and prosperity structure (VHWD) that provides harmonious opportunities for inner-city boy. It does not use fund accounting, but it does substantiate all revenues by their net asset systematize. The subjoined transactions accept occurred in the departed year: The VHWD current douceur pledges from donors in the total of $25,000, which were to be used however they were needed. History shows that 95% of the pledges were cool. After 1 month, $24,000 of the pledges was cool. There was $1,000 written off as uncollectible. The VHWD current a douceur of 1,000 distributes of fund. The donor of the douceur of distributes established that the currency was to be used to buy harmonious instruments for the program. Fair appraise of the fund on the age of the douceur was $15 per distribute. Sale of the fund yielded $17,000. The VHWD purchased 2 violins at the require of $2,000 each, 2 cellos for $3,000 each, and a trivial harp for $5,000 for the program, using the allowance from the fund sale. The VHWD billed the city for $5,000 of scrutinizing requires. The VHWD elapsed $10,000 on the subjoined: Music lessons $7,000 Instrument oceantenance 2,000 Administrative expense 1,000 Total $10,000 Please fashion a record entrance for each of the transactions. The ocean areas for instruction on financial tidingsing for not-for-profit structures (NFPOs) and VHWOs can be establish in Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) statements 116 and 117. For your VHWO, you get accept to fashion an specificational tidings that is not required for NFPOs. Provide examples of the types of instruction that would be comprised in this tidings. The deliverable tediousness is all record entries, plus 300–500 language.