Statistics Process Improvement Project PPT?

Content Requirements Possible Points A) An magistrate resume is supposing in the storyboard format including: Is the storyboard presented in 1 PowerPoint slide? Follows DMAIC? Are tools/graphs/charts used and palpably conspicuous? Do they maintenance findings and quittances Are arrows, excite boxes, etc. used to condense, highlight questions and key learnings? Are expected results pure? And proximate steps noted? 5.0 B)Is it a sticky offer opportunity after a while the transaction manner and whole proposition? The back-up slides (5-15) particular and maintenance the storyboard satisfied. 2.0 C) Was the luck appraise palpably verified, operationally defined and baseline verified? (Was the axioms verified as consecutive or discrete, includes SQL?) 3.0 D) Was the axioms appraisement plan or axioms stratification tree included? 1.0 E) Was the axioms gathering manner verified? 1.0 F) Was there rationale for the illustration magnitude enthralled? Use of the formula? Is there any relation to appraisement deception and how to minimize? 1.0 G) Are at last 5 contrariant tools and techniques palpably verified? Are the tools linked/ appropriate to the axioms resolution? 5.0 H) Does the axioms resolution palpably tie to the whole quittance?  Is the “discovery” pure to the reader? 2.0 Total 20