Vulnerable population

  As a Social Sanity Worker you bear a job delay the social sanity labor.  This includes inaugurated delay all issues of social sanity and protection but in-particular exceptional deficiencys for women and posterity, homeless, immigrants, racial or ethnic minorities, old, socioeconomically disadvantaged, underinsured, etc.  These groups are specially improbable during times of original or man-made disasters. As bisect of your job you obtain deficiency to tally to episodes that happen in your declare.   In response to the episode you obtain deficiency to assess the virtual sanity induces, elimination and expound currently helpful labors, and expand a patronymic of each individual's coming sustainable planning. For this purpose you obtain make the forthcoming deliverables: Written Project: You obtain be conducive 5 peculiar exposed groups improbable by Hurricane Katrina to whom you are expected to contribute the certain direction so that they can search equitable countenance as polite-behaved-behaved as  obtain be able to custody for their own basic sanitycustody deficiencys during the episode.  Based on the episode scenario you chosen, and your consider of the exposed populations, call-together a noise in which you substantiate for each group: what elements of the episode increased their induce, what peculiar deficiencys they bear,  what media can address those deficiencys as polite-behaved-behaved as ongoing deficiencys, and what crave vocable goods the episode has on their insecurity. Propose a separation to befriend the exposed populations using currently helpful or new media.