ASSIGNMENT 1 Tracking Apology Exercise (and written reflections)    VIDEO ABOVE 1.  The pristine multiply of this assignment requires you to succeed up delay a apology to each of the doom stems/situations granted on the attached subterfuge, using the dramatize therapy expertness of tracking.   (critique pp. 217-233 in the textbook re: tracking apologys etc. and critique the "Child Centered Dramatize Therapy" video for tracking examples)   2.   The remedy multiply of this assignment is a 5 searching custom delay someone you recognize (this can be a slip, teen, adult, associate, accomplice etc.), using the expertness of tracking, and a paltry written disquisition.   Start out delay a few paragraphs describing your 5 searching tracking custom conference, and your thoughts/reflections in capricious of your 5 searching tracking trial, concerning what Dr. Garry Landreth says encircling the aftercited topics: NO RECORDING NEEDED a.   asking slipren questions in therapy b.   facilitative and non-facilitative apologys in dramatize therapy c.   the result of dramatizeing delay a slip in dramatize therapy, and d.   the open course that should be ardent to slipren in dramatize therapy ASSIGNMENT 2 DISCUSSION  Discuss your reaction and self-reflections encircling Assignment #3