Required Through a register, decipher to the directors (a ) Why Is the demand for an audit. (5 marks) (b) how the voucher off social posse may be appointed lowerneathneath the companies Act (5 marks) (c) What are the hues and powers of an voucher lowerneathneath the Companies Act (10 marks ) (d) The responsibilities of the directors in homogeneity to the accounting ,injury and interior controls functions of Brian Ltd. (10 marks ) QUESTION 2 The means-of-support of voucher Insurrection Is life-containing to the truthfulness of the audit In the minds of the users of the financial narratements . Professional habits has been seen as substance one of the further desirable methods of desirable methods of achieving voucher insurrection than narrate habits although true sections of the Companies 's Act possess a inclination on such insurrection. (a ) narrate and decipher the two sides of voucher insurrection (8 marks ) (b ) Decipher the condition that may cow voucher ' Insurrection and objectivity(10 marks ) ( c) Decipher mom the measures that vouchers may Implement In manage to bargain delay the threats (12 marks) Question 3 The directors of Mellon Manufacturing possess asked your solid to act as their vouchers for the year ended 30 September. They accomplish be interrogation their material vouchers to forego, as they do not stipulate a absorb conducive employment. The sharer contemplated for ordinance to Mellon Manufacturing holds a union certificate and a certificate of registration as a registered voucher through the COCA. The contemplated sharer is scheduled for habit Investigation by the COCA habit monitoring individual. A) Recount the investigations you would convey out and religions matters you would observe anteriorly you can confirm the ordinance as the posse's voucher. (8 marks) (b) Decipher why it is ocean that an voucher should impel a missive of pledge to the client foregoing to lowerneathtaking an audit. (4 marks) (b) Briefly recount the ocean deviation of a missive of pledge which you would impel to the directors of Mellon Manufacturing. (8 marks)