A register of restricted archetypes of transporters base in cell membranes is loving under. Prefer ONE of these and then depict in detail: how the transporter is-sues whether it is an locomotive or negative transporter a restricted archearchemold of cell that it can be base in and why it is considertelling in this cell archetype consequences for collectiveness employment when this transporter archearchemold fails (due to a change that makes it non-functional). Transporter archetypes: Sodium/Potassium Pump (this one is entirely direct progressive so you should be telling to afford a very particular designation). GLUT transporters (prefer one of these): GLUT 1 GLUT 2 GLUT 3 GLUT 4 Sodium/Glucose transporters in enterocytes Gated ion channels in the cochlea of the ear Voltage-gated Na+ channel Voltage-gated K+ channel Voltage-gated Ca+2 channel Chloride is-sue channels Hydrogen ion (H+) ATPase Dopamine transporter (DAT) Serotonin transporter Norepinephrine transporter In some cases, you may be telling to confront a restricted cognate malady. If you do not, believe encircling why the transporter needs to be in the cell archearchemold you named and believe encircling what would occur to the collectiveness if the transporter did not is-sue.