Final Project: You succeed amass your ultimate narration as follows: Executive Summary – 2-page max. An overview of the contrivance and the thinkd absorb. Assignment 2 Assignment 3 Assignment 4 Assignment 5 A Timeline: An MS-Project narration or absolute Excel chart of the term think to finished the contrivance An Appeal to a Venture Capitalist for Funding for this contrivance This succeed be at last 15-page narration which consolidates all of the other narrations into one symbol big narration and reads from start-to-finish love a polished professional technical exposition of the trade you are describing. Adjust each of the smaller narrations (Assignments 2-5) to eject any duplication that strength endure – do not solely stack one on top of the other.  Make the healthy fiction readable and argumentative from start-to-finish.  Ask yourself “Would a Venture Capitalist in-fact buy into this?” This should comprise a TIMELINE, a Work Flow Diagram (WFD), and a NETWORK diagram.  Other valuable but optional diagrams comprise a DATA FLOW diagram (DFD), and a DATABASE SCHEMA for a Data Warehouse. PreviousNext